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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Wood Bat Reviews

You can sort every wood bat we have written about by popularity, brand, and user rating. Are you looking for advice on the best wood bat? Or, maybe, you’d prefer the best youth wood bats?

There are more wood bat brands than most people realize. We try and keep track of several of them here. We have also hit with the vast majority of these and put our wood bat ratings and recommendations on the individual reviews. wood bats are difficult to tell apart. They all come from the same trees, mostly. And how much difference is one company lathe compared to another? But, there are enough differences in the brand, service, and quality that we think a useful review of wood bats is worth your time before pulling the trigger. We discuss much of maple, birch, and ash benefits in our wood bat reviews below.

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Wood Bats Explained

2018 Wood Baseball

Chandler Bats

Chandler Bat Reviews

Chandler Bat Reviews

Chandler is known for a high-end bat for many big-time pro players. Operated by a company that was once more famous for making high-end furniture, these folks have a serious play in the market.

Tucci Bats

Tucci Bat Reviews

Tucci Bat Reviews

Tucci has quietly amassed a serious following in the MLB. They have an option for the axe handle in the pros.

Max Bats

Max Bat Reviews

Max Bat Reviews

Another “small” company with a serious play in the professional ranks is Max Bats. These folks deliver a crazy amount of bat options (and catcher’s gear) in both the baseball and softball space.

Sam Bat

Sam Bats

Sam Bat CD1 ReviewCustom Youth Sam Bat Review

Sam Bat is based in Canada, as is the original Maple bat supplier to the world. Now, the vast majority of MLB bats are maple sticks—all thanks to Sam Bats.

Phoenix Wood Bats

271HD Phoenix Bat Review

Phoenix has been quietly doing their thing quite some time and continues to deliver high-quality products to the masses—and a few big-time players too.

DeMarini Wood Bats

DeMarini Wood Bat Reviews

Corn Dog & Wood DeMarini Reviews

DeMarini, known more for its composite and aluminum bats, also makes a line of exciting and useful wood bats too. We take a peek, and swing, in our reviews.

Rawlings Wood Bats

Wood Bats

Rawlings Wood Bat Reviews

What more is there to be said about Rawlings’ wood bats? Gracing the plate at every level, these are proven by a century of work.

Old Hickory Wood Bats

Wood Bats

Old Hickory Wood Bat Reviews

Mike Trout has made this company a lot of money and sold them a lot of bats. Probably, too, they’ve paid him handsomely. Old Hickory wood bats are top-shelf stuff.

Bamboo Wood Bats

Wood Bats

Bamboo Bat Reviews

Bamboo Bats are, literally, bamboo. That is, they are the environmentally friendly bat option for wood bat lovers that want a soft, very durable feel.

Louisville Slugger

Slugger Wood Bats

Slugger Custom Wood ReviewSlugger Authentic Cut Wood Bat Reviews

Is there anything more iconic in baseball than a wooden Slugger bat? Maybe a Rawlings baseball. But, other than that, Slugger’s wood bats are a classic.

Stinger Wood Bats

Stinger Wood BAts

Stinger 271 Wood Bat Review

Stinger Wood is another wood bat manufacturer few people know. They make big-time stuff at a reasonable price. They get their wood from the same trees as the big boys.

Marucci Wood Bats

Marucci Bats

Marucci Wood Bat ReviewsDK & Marucci Smart Bat ReviewMarucci Youth Wood Bat Reviews

The largest supplier of wood bats to the MLB levels, Marucci, has grown in leaps and bounds by all measurements. The real success story in the wood bat space over the last ten years is Marucci Wood Bats.

Axe Wood Bats

Wood Bats

Axe Composite Wood Fungo ReviewAxe Handle Wood Bat Reviews

Axe not only licenses out their unique handle to the likes of Victus and Tucci, but they also make some wood bats of their own. Worth considering, especially if you are in the composite wood bat market.

Victus Wood Bats

Marucci Buys Victus Bats

Victus Wood Bat Reviews

Victus, owned by Marucci, is another remarkable player in the wood bat market. They make big-time bats for a ton of big-time players.

Baum Bats

Best Wood Bats

Baum Bat Reviews

We put our Baum Bat reviews in the wood bat section because, well, where else are we supposed to put them? These nearly indestructible faux wood bats will last several lifetimes. Oh, and they hit well too.

SSK Wood Bats

Wood Bats

SSK Wood Fungo Bat Reviews

SSK and Fungo are nearly synonymous terms. This Japanese company makes wood bats too.

Meridian Wood Bats

Meridian Wood Bat Reviews

Meridian Wood Bat Reviews

Wanted: Small market group based in the northern Midwest looks to produce big-time bats for fair prices and sell to the masses at tradeshows and on their site. Position Filled.

Mizuno Wood Bats

Mizuno wood Bat REview

Mizuno Wood Bat Reviews

The other Japanese wood bat company on this list that makes many high-end bats for big-time players is Mizuno. Mizuno has been used since the days of Pete Rose, and we review their bats here.

Show Wood Bats

Show Wood Bat Reviews

Show Wood Bat Reviews

Show wood bats is another player in an ever-growing list of small guys making big-time bats. They hit a few homers in the MLB, and before you know it, people care.

Easton Wood Bats

Wood Bats

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Of course, Easton makes many wood bats. Although their push is not at the MLB level, they make several fantastic little league and high school bats within the price point of the masses.

Mine Wood Bats

Mine Wood Bat Reviews

Prince Fielder used Mine Bats for quite some time. Mine, an Italian company, uses a unique version of a Birch bat that has an ultra-soft feel. Individual sticks that we take a hack within this Mine bat review.