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Warstic HAWK2 vs Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR

August 24, 2020 | by Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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We used HitTrax to compare the 2021 Warstic Warhawk 2 vs 2021 Warstic Bonesaber

Head to Head Recommendations

We had an adult hitter take on the Warstic Hawk2 vs the Warstic Bonesaber. He preferred the Bonesaber’s feel—in particular the handle. Overall, the exit speeds and performances were very similar.

Average Exit Velo on 30 Hits
Warhawk 2

The average exit velocity over 30 hits, measured on HitTrax, on the Hawk2 was 78.2. For the Bonesaber it was 78.4 mph. We count every fair ball hit and the hitter alternates bats every five to 10 swings.

Player Profile

This was an adult–a dad of players. He has bat speeds in the mid to high 80 miles per hour range. He thought it would be fun to test out some bats, so he went after it.

NOTE: We’ve measured thousands of bats over the years. We’ve found, in large measure, bat results are very hitter dependent. Most comparisons we do are very, very close. The 1 or 2 mile per hour difference is hard to attribute only to the barrels performance. We think the hitter determines upwards of 70% of the exit speeds. The other 30% is the bat.

Swing Weight
Warhawk 2

The Warstic HAWK2 is a heavy swinging bat, no doubt. It is noticeably heavier than the Bonesaber. The Bonesaber not only swings lighter than the HAWK2 but has a unique handle that the hitter preferred. That unique handle gave it a lighter feel than it probably was.

Player Rating
Warhawk 2

The hitter preferred the Bonesaber over the HAWK2. It wasn’t so much that the HAWK2 was bad, but they did prefer the Bonesaber due to its lighter swing and handle.

Line Drive % on 30 Hits
Warhawk 2

HitTrax measure dozens of metrics on ball flight. Aside from exit speeds, we took the average launch angle and hit type. When divided by fly ball, line drive, and grounder, the HAWK2 hit 50% of its swings as line drives while the Bonesaber only had 39%. We are not sure how useful a statistic that might be, but we report it anyways.

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