Updated: January 22, 2024

2023 Voodoo One vs Marucci CAT X

2023 DeMarini Voodoo One
2023 Marucci CAT X

What Bat is Better?

The Marucci CAT X and DeMarini Voodoo One have a few technical differences. The CAT X uses a multi-variable wall design and has a sting-dampening gel in the knob, which raises the price by about $30. Meanwhile, the Voodoo One is slightly shorter than its stated length due to the rounded black end cap not being a usable part of the bat. However, in practice, both bats have the same swing weight (about) and perform similarly, with the CAT X having a slight edge due to its gel-dampening knob. These bats are similar, both being high-quality products from major brands in the metal baseball bat market. It's like comparing the F150 to the Chevy Silverado or the Dodge Ram.

The Differences

The major differences are the CAT X is $30 more, has tech in the knob (gel) as well as a barrel that goes the full length. The 2023 Voodoo One looks better (depending on who you ask) and has a swing weight that is a *little* below the CAT X. Of course they are also made by different companies---the two largest in the business (Wilson and Marucci).

DeMarini Voodoo One Advantages

Voodoo One

The 2023 Voodoo One might be the better pick because $30 is $30. The Voodoo One no doubt hits the ball hard. As does the CAT X. But both these bats meet the BBCOR limit. And while the gel dampening in the CAT X sounds like it might work, no one has been able to document that it is anything more than a perception. The Voodoo One is the favorite bat of the Bat Bros, and people love to do what they say. To say nothing of the fact that the graphics are fantastic. In summary, it's an 'in-the-know' bat with a great look, light swing, and it will save you $30 for some In-And-Out on the way to your next tourney? Done and done.

CAT X Advantages


You might choose the CAT X because you think the Voodoo One is anything short of durable. The rounded black end cap is notorious for breaking, and although the Voodoo is $30 less, some would argue it won't last you an entire season, while the CAT X will last long enough for your little brother to use it. So, $30 is not $30 when you have to spend $350 twice. As well, the reason it swings so light is because it's short from its stated length. A 33 is 32.25 (the added .75 inches comes from the rounding of that black endcap that breaks). The CAT X swings light because of its multi-variable wall thickness tech. So the sweet spot might be bigger (as if anyone can actually measure that). To say nothing of the fact that the Voodoo One is the same old bat they've been selling for the last eight years, with a new paint job and some serious social media hype.


If it were our kid, we'd get the CAT X. Its durability and full-length matter, we think. However, our kid has access to both these bats (as a Junior in High School) and he actually swings the Voodoo One. So, there you have it. In the end, toss a coin. Or, better yet, buy an Atlas.

2023 DeMarini Voodoo One
2023 Marucci CAT X