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2021 Slugger META PWR vs META

September 15, 2020 | by Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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We used HitTrax to compare the 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta PWR vs 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta

Head to Head Recommendations

Although smaller, this particular player preferred the heft of the 2021 META PWR over the META. However, we caution, this was cage work. And, we’ve learned, cage work allows for bigger bats to have more success since timing isn’t as much of an issue.

Overall, though, the bats performed great. They have the same connection piece, barrel, end cap, and handles. The only difference is the swing weight in the META PWR which grades out as one of the heavies swinging BBCOR bats in the 2021 Class. In fact, we’ve yet to measure a bat that swings heavier than the 2021 META PWR. (The DSB KAMO swings as heavy, but its been around for a couple of years).

Without any surprises, the bat with the heavier swing weight did better in this test. In terms of top-end exit velo it was close (within 0.7 mph). Top 10 averages were different, but not by much and average exit velocity was also in favor of the META PWR.

Max Exit Velo
Meta PWR

A 0.7 MPH difference on max exit velocity is not saying much. It’s reasonable to attribute such differences to statistical noise. A 0.7 mph difference might mean 3 feet on a good day and perfect in.

In other words, at least for this hitter, when you barrel it up the difference between these two bats is pretty much nothing—in terms of max exit velocity.

Player Profile

This 16-year-old at 150lb is an elite level hitter with a smooth lefty stroke. Good bat speed in the mid 80’s and is going into his Junior year of baseball.

NOTE: We’ve measured thousands of bats over the years. We’ve found, in large measure, bat results are very hitter dependent. Most comparisons we do are very, very close. The 1 or 2 mile per hour difference is hard to attribute only to the barrels performance. We think the hitter determines upwards of 70% of the exit speeds. The other 30% is the bat.

Top 10 Exit Speed
Meta PWR

We like comparing the top ten exit speed averages from thirty hits. We feel like that metric is as good as any when comparing the overall success of a bat. It helps remove the bottom dwellers and mishits and then evens out the top for any aberrations. We find when comparing the META and META PWR for 2021 that the PWR had 2.0+ mph advantage. Since it is the same barrel and same bat, save the swing weight, we think this has everything to do with the swing weight of the bats.

Meaning, in short, if the heavier PWR doesn’t affect your timing then you should swing it over the META. (Assuming your down to the META and META PWR as choices).

Swing Weight (0 - 100)
Meta PWR

The META PWR has a ginormous swing weight. It is one of the heavier 33-inch BBCOR bats we have ever measured and ranks up there in the likes of the Axe ELITE. Based on our swing weight calculations, the META PWR is 10% heavier than the META. The META is right at the average—making Sluggers’ PWR one of the heaviest swinging BBCOR bats you can buy.

Top 5 Distances
Meta PWR

We hesitate to put the top 5 distances here because we think people will infer more here than what actually is. But, it is fun to think about. Of the 30 hits, we took the top 5 averages of each hit and found the PWR did better by about 20 feet. That is also explained in the 2+ mph difference among the top 10 hits in exit velo too. So, if anything, it helps explain what that extra 2.0 mph gave the average great hit of the 30 swings.

Download our data.