Bryce Harper’s Bat

If you are wondering what bat Bryce Harper uses, it might be easier to consider the bats Bryce Harper has NOT used. Indeed, Harper has more bats as Johnny Lingo has cows.  We hesitate to say what he has been using more often than others recently because it’s likely to change in a matter of weeks. Many of his bats, models and specs are documented below. Also, the table below might be helpful for details on Bryce Harper’s bat.

Bryce Harper's Bat

2018 Home Run Derby Bat

Bryce Harper's Bat

Harper used a custom Victus model bat “We the People” for his 2018 Home Run Derby (that he won). You can buy the bat here for a very limited time.

Victus makes the Bryce Harper Bat he used to win the 2018 Home run Derby

Bryce Harper’s Exclusive All-Star Game Bat

Bryce Harper's All Star Game Bat

For 2017, Harper used a unique All-Star Game bat made from Rawlings. Of note, actually got the exclusive rights to the bat and the ability to sell a very limited number. Last we heard it was going to be less than 24 so it is likely they will sell out within hours. Probably worth checking out the link.

The bat, if you are wondering, is a BH220 31/32 inch drop 2 pure ash bat. It’s simple and understated which, we think, is the exact opposite of Bryce Harper.

What Bat Does Bryce Harper Use?

Louisville Slugger 33 – 34 32 – 33 Maple 113L, H238, S318, C243 2012
Marucci 34.25 32.5 Maple BH34, BH21, CU26, CU7, BH318, RC09, LOS15, MR24 2011 – 2016
Rawlings 34 31.5 Maple Big Stick – Bryce Harper
Chandlar  34 32  Maple AR 13.0, CU7D, JG30, YC52  2015
Victus 34  32  Maple BH 137.1 (V234)  2016
Sam Bat  Maple 2K1 2016
Tucci Lumber  34  32  Maple BHARP34

Bryce Harper’s Historic At Bat

Bryce Harper's Bat

In 2009, Bryce Harper stood in Tropicana Field as a 16 year old participating in the high school home run derby. The foot work on his swing is much different than it is today. Back then his front foot would turn away from the pitcher as his knee went up and back. His knee would kick and he’d hack at the ball like it was the zombie apocalypse.  To say the least, the approach was successful.

During this particular high school home run derby competition it worked. With a BESR certified 2008 DeMarini Voodoo, he’d crush the longest home run ever recorded at the stadium: 502 feet. The ball flew a full 30 feet further than Jose Conseco’s record set in 2000. It stands today as the most significant home run ever hit by a kid who just learned how to drive.

Bryce Harper’s Bat Specs: Size, Weight and Length

Bryce Harper's Bat

Harper’s bat length, regardless of brand, peaks around 34 inches. We did find some evidence of a few that came in at 34.25, but most were in the 33 to 34 inch range. As well, the weight of the bats across brand and models were fairly consistent. We never found a game used bat under 31 ounces or over 33 ounces.

As we mention above, Harper changes his bat so often, it is more than possible he has had at bats in his career outside of those specs. However, since they are the only we could find—and we found plenty—we’d guess his bat is most often a 34 inch 32 to 33 ounce stick.

Bryce Harper’s Bat Models

Bryce Harper's Bat

Bryce uses whatever bat model he wants. He’s used at least eight different models of Marucci, four from Slugger and Chandler and one from Rawlings, Tucci, Sam Bats and Rawlings. No doubt he has tried plenty more and will continue to take a variety of bats to the plate. All in all, he has used at least 20 different models in his career so far.

If you are looking for the best wood bats, then you may also find this best bat article useful.

He has also used other pro players’ bats like Yasiel Puig, Chase Utley and Giancarlos Stanton. We can only guess there are a number more.

Bryce Harper’s Bat Sources

We considered a number of sources when putting together collective information on the models and specs of Bryce Harper’s bat. There are likely another legit 20 or more than what we mention below, but they are a great start.

Bryce Harper PSA Facts: PSA holds a great repository on game used items. From many of those pictures we glean information found in the models section.

eBay Auctions: It is always plenty of fun to see current eBay auctions. Many of them seem suspect, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful.

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Aaron Judge’s Bat

Few hitters have entered the big league scene any better than the New York Yankee Aaron Judge. The guy flat out rakes as a rookie and currently holds the record for most home runs as a Yankee Rookie. Here we document Aaron Judge’s bat. And, assuming he changes every so often, we will update this page.

aaron Judge's Bat

 * Brand Length Weight Model Number Years
Aaron Judge Chandler 35 33 AJ44 2017
Aaron Judge Tucci 35 33 i13 2017
Aaron Judge Marucci 34 32 Pre-MLB

Aaron Judge’s Bat Model, Construction, Weight & Length

Aaron Judge's Bat

In his young career Aaron Judge has been pictured swinging three different bats. The first, and the more common, is the AJ44 from Chandler. This is a monster sized bat for a monsters sized human.

Second, earlier in his rookie season, he was seen using a 35 inch Tucci lumber bat. This was shaped like an i13 turn. Also, in his minor league days there are more than a few images of him floating around using a Marucci bat. It appears that when he made the switch to the bigs is about the time he made the switch to Tucci and Chandler.

Aaron Judge’s Bat Sources

Aaron Judge's Bat

If you are looking for information on real Aaron Judge game used bat information then the best place to look is Steiner Sports. Steiner, as in the name that owns the Yankees, also sells the used memorabilia of Yankee players. And, seeing that Judge is a Yankee player, the most accurate information will be found there.

Chandler Bat Overview

Aaron Judge's Bat

Chandler is a niche bat company that focuses on top end bats for MLB players. They do have some lines available for the public as well as some trainers and other gadget. The big gulp you’ll take from their site is the pricing. These bats are made impeccably, no doubt about it, but a $195 price point is hard to swallow for a bat that might break. And even less affordable if you are not under contract to hit bombs for several millions of dollars a year.

As if Aaron Judge every paid, or ever will pay, a dollar for a bat…

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Kris Bryant’s Bat

After reviewing every source imaginable, we discuss the sizes, models and makes of Kris Bryant’s bat, as well as his game used marks and his best at bat. Sources for this information are linked below.

Brand Length Min Length Max Weight Min Weight Max Model Type Years
Marucci 33.5 31 KB17.2 Ash 2015
Victus 34 31 31.5 KB17 2014 – 2016
Chandlar 34 31 CB243, KB17 2014 – 2016
Zinger Ash 2013
Louisville Slugger 34 30 243 Ash 2014

Krist Bryant's Bat

(See Kris Bryant and Chandler Bat Pricing Here)

What Size is Kris Bryant’s Bat?

Krist Bryant's Bat

Since his debut in Major League Baseball, Bryant uses a 33 to 34-inch bat that weighs 30 to 31 ounces. There are a few bats we found weighing less than 30 ounces, but those are attributed to his Minor League days.

What Bat Model Does Kris Bryant Swing?

Krist Bryant's Bat

Like most MLB players these days, Bryant has used a list of bats. We found evidence of at least five different brands and no less than six different models. Truth be told, the bat models and makes he has used probably numbers a dozen or more.

More recently, Bryant used his Chandler KB17 almost exclusively during the Cubs 2015 and 2016 season.

Game Used Kris Bryant Bats

Krist Bryant's Bat

A Kris Bryant game-used bat has characteristics worth noting. As we mention above, the 33 to 34-inch length and a 30 to 31-ounce bat should be expected. Also, we noted, we never saw a tape, or grip job on any of the bats confirmed as Bryant’s gamers. His bat shape is similar to the 243 turn. Meaning, a traditional knob, a long barrel, and a reasonably quick taper.

Kris Bryant’s Best At Bat So Far

Krist Bryant's Bat

Down 7 to 8 vs the Rockies on July 27, 2015, Rookie Kris Bryant stepped into the box with two outs. Dexter Fowler, two hitters earlier, was on first base after a single right field on a 5 pitch at bat. John Axford,  5-year veteran, had faced Bryant once before and walked him. This time, Bryant took the second pitch of the at bat, an 87mph slider, into the 10th row of the left centerfield bleachers. The cubs win 9 to 8.

That shot stands as the 14th home run of Bryant’s career and his first ever walk-off.

Kris Bryant’s Bat Sources

What Pro’s Wear has information on Kris Bryant’s Bat types. Gold In Auctions Bryant Victus bat auction was also helpful. As well, this great story of Bryant shipping a game used bat to a twitter fan is awesome. Pro Bat Facts had some information too.

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Miguel Cabrera’s Bat

Many consider Miguel Cabrera the best hitter in the game. Although not a difficult case to make, we will refrain from the superlatives here. Instead, we will present the details we found on the bat the, arguable, best hitter in the game uses. We have searched far and wide, as well as exchanged a few emails with bat manufacturers on Cabrera’s bat orders and sizes. Those facts, and more, are presented in the below expose on Miguel Cabrera’s Bat.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Sam Bat 34 32, 32.5, 32.7 MC1, KM1 Maple 2005 – Current
Tuff X-Bat 33 7/8 32.6 24 Maple 2003
Louisville Slugger C243 2003
Phoenix Bats 24
Zinger 33.875, 34 32.8, 32.5, 31.5 24 Maple 2003 – 2007
Nokona 33 7/8 33.2 NK31 – MC24 Maple 2008
Marucci 34 31.5 MC24 2007

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

What Bat Does Miguel Cabrera Use?

Over the last decade, it is fair to say Cabrera is a Sam Bat guy. Evidence exists that he used the Sam Bat brand as early as 2005, and since around 2008 or 2009, has used nothing else. We found the MC1, which stands for Miguel Cabrera 1, his model of choice. The KM1 model was also found as a game used by Miguel Cabrera option, but that came only in the very early years when Sam Bat was distributed by Wilson. Sam Bat, you may recall, was made famous by Barry Bonds.

Like many players, Cabrera used his first few years in the pros to acclimate himself to a number of bats before deciding on the maple Sam Bat. Zinger and Tuff X-Bat appeared to be a preference for at least a little while. Phoenix and Marucci also had their chance in Miggy’s hands. Of note, Cabrera used Slugger wood somewhere between rarely and almost never. We found a single C243 attributed to him during his rookie season.

We never found a wood bat from Miggy that was anything but maple. Considering his current love and commitment to Sam Bat, the original maple bat company, this fact makes sense.

What Size is Miguel Cabrera’s Bat?

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

Game used bats at auction, as well as some ordering records we found, make a tight grouping of bat sizes by Cabrera. Ever since his rookie season (2003) his bat has been either 33 7/8 or 34 inches. Miggy bat weight is no more than 33.2 and no less than 31.5 with the mean somewhere in the 32 to 32.5 ounce range.

Considering he is a 6 foot 4, 240 pound beast of a hitter, the bat size would be considered on the average side of things.

Miguel Cabrera’s Best At Bat

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

2012 was a magical year for Miguel Cabrera. Indeed, what he accomplished that year as the first triple crown winner since 1967, would have been magical for anyone. His MC1 Sam Bat was unstoppable as he led the Majors in all Home Runs (44), Average (330) and RBIs (139). If any at-bat exemplified the type of year he had, it may have been when he stepped to the plate on an early August, Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

August 5, 2012, the Indians and Tigers pushed an otherwise forgettable end of summer game into extra innings. In the top of the 9th, with the Indians up, the bats came afire. The Indians would combine for four hits—a single, a double and two homers—to score three runs in the do or die inning.

Now down 3 going into the bottom of the 10th, the Tigers needed a miracle to extend the game, and the impossible to win it. Cabrera, Mr. Impossible in 2012, was 7 spots away from getting in the box.

Cabrera would get his chance. With a 3-1 count, and the score now tied, Cabrera worked a 3-1 count to get a 94 Fastball attempt for the outside corner. The pitch missed the mark by no more than 3 inches, but just enough to move the ball off the black stripe and into Cabrera’s wheelhouse—which, in 2012, consisted of just about anything on the white.

Cabrera unloaded with his MC1 Sam Bat. The ball flew about as high as it did far. Some 380+ feet later it landed in the visiting team’s bullpen. The Indian’s relief pitchers quickly put away their gloves. Cabrera, like he would 44 times that year, trotted the paths. In two more months, that single at bat would highlight a long list of hits from the best hitting season any player has had since 1967.

Miguel Cabrera’s Game used Bats

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

After fitting a potential game used bat into the time frame table above, consider that Cabrera bats are most often untaped. Occasionally, however, Miggy’s bats have been to known to carry a traditional tape wrapping. Some times, as well, tape ringlets or crisscross patterns are found. While tape is uncommon, It is not unusual to find Mota stick or pine tar applications on older versions. His number, 24 since his second year and on, and 20 in his rookie year, are also commonly found on the knob or barrel cap. The vast majority of bats attributed to Cabrera did not have a cupped end.

Miguel Cabrera Bat Sources

Cabrera’s bat usage data is deep and wide. In gathering all the information we could find, the following sources were helpful. Most were found by a simple Google search. PSA Bat Facts is always good for a snippet or two of reliable data points–especially on identifying game used bats. What Pros Wear pointed us to the Sam Bat MC1. Goldinauctions rookie season Cabrera bat auction was useful. We gained some data from BigTimeAuction house too. Bidami auctions are also always helpful. The video of Cabrera’s August 5, 2012 bomb was also fun to watch on And, finally, Cabrera’s statistics were helpful too.

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Dee Gordon’s Bat

Dee Gordon’s bat is rarely a topic of conversation. A player with less than 10 dingers in his career rarely gets articles written about his bat. However, considering the latest events with his teammate Jose Fernandez, the internet has blown up with his remarkable at bat. We cover that, and more details about his bat, in the following article on Dee Gordon’s Bat.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Chandler CB1  2011 – Current
Marucci  33  30.5, 31 Dee Gordon Pro  2011 – 2013

Dee Gordon's Bat

What Size Bat Does Dee Gordon Use?

Dee Gordon's Bat

We have had the hardest time tracking down the exact bat sizes for Dee Gordon. This early in his career, there have yet to be many full on auctions that detail the exact weight and length. As that changes, we will make sure to add that information here.

Ordering records for Dee Gordon at Marucci show a 33 inch drop 3 or 3.5 (so 31 to 30.5 ounces), but we will update this as find more information.

What Model Bat Does Dee Gordon Use?

Dee Gordon's Bat

When he was a Dodger, Gordon would occasionally use both a Marucci and a Chandlar bat. Of course there could have been any number of bats he tried at least once, but the only evidence we can gather are those two brands. Once he moved to Miami, we can’t find an instance he used Marucci. Instead, he appears to use the CB1 from Chandler exclusively.

Dee Gordon’s Best At Bat

Dee Gordon's Bat

As the most talked about at bat in recent history, Dee Gordon homered in the bottom of the first on September 26, 2016 off Bartolo Colon. The significance of the at bat is more apparent when considering the previous day’s headlines. Jose Fernandez, a long time teammate of Gordon and ace pitcher on the Marlins’ staff, died in a tragic boating accident early the morning of September 25, 2016. The death sent shock-waves through the entire baseball community as Jose was known for his vibrant, infectious attitude about the game. In honor of their fallen friend, each Marlin wore Fernadez’s number 16 to their game the following day.

In the bottom of the first, Gordon batting lead off, took a pitch on the right handed side of the plate in both Fernandez’s batting stance and wearing his batting helmet. Colon appropriately threw a ball. Gordon then switched sides of the plate and switched out of Jose’s helmet. Bartolo then threw another ball. The count now 2-0, and possibly sensing the gravity of the moment, Colon threw a 85 mile per hour heater right down the middle of the plate. Gordon, who had not hit a home run since more than a year previous, jumped on the fastball and yanked it over the right field fence. Gordon would run the bases, and by the time he reached third, was visibly crying. So was everyone else with a soul.

Gordon would mention later “I ain’t never hit a ball that far, even in BP. I told the boys, ‘If you all don’t believe in God, you better start.’ For that to happen today, we had some help.”

Dee Gordon’s Bat Sources

We affirm the What Pros Wear claim that Gordon currently uses the CB15 from Chandlar Bats. The MLB Auction site was also somewhat helpful in confirming the model. A google search of Gordon and Fernadez will turn up a long list of stories about Gordon’s memorable home runs. USAToday’s write up was probably our favorite.

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Albert Pujols’ Bat

Of all the player bats we’ve studied, no one has used as many models as Albert Pujols. His exclusive use of Marucci for most of the last decade might make many forget, but Pujols’ bat chronology is long and storied. We enjoyed collecting and analyzing the extensive information available on Albert Pujols’ bat, and we hope you enjoy our passing it along.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Marucci 34, 34.5 31.5, 33, 33.2, 34 AP5-P, AP5-M, AP5, CB15B Maple 2007 -2016
Sam Bat 34.5 31.5 SG1, JB1. JB1(S)SG1 Maple 2005 – 2008
Rawlings 2005
Louisville Slugger I13L, I13, C243, M356, R205 2001 – 2007
X-Bat 24, 34 2005, 2006
Old Hickory Custom Pro AP5 2005 – 2007
Max Bat 243 2006, 2007
BWP 2005
Carolina Clubs
Easton 2005

Alber Pujols' Bat

What Bat Did Albert Pujols Use?

Since 2008, Pujols has used nothing but Marucci’s models of bats. Marucci, you may know, is a player owned company where, as we understand it, folks like Andrew McCutchen and Albert Pujols have some sort of ownership interest. Pujols also has his own model, predictably called the AP5. His particular model, depending on the day, is usually the AP5-P, but the AP5-M and AP5 are occasionally with him at the plate. You can actually buy the AP5.

At the beginning of his career, Pujols used a slew of bat brands starting in his 2001 rookie season through 2008. Truthfully, most modern players’ bat charts look like this. But Pujols’ bat pedigree has been so well documented, it was easy to track down the entire list.

Although he used a plethora of bat brands his first seven years in the League, the frequency of Sam Bat SG1 and JB1 auctions with Pujols’ game used markings on them, suggest this may have been a highly preferred brand. Next, if we had to guess, was likely Sluggers’ I13L. From there, you name it. Max Bat, X-Bat, Hickory Bats and the works.

What Size is Albert Pujols’ Bat?

To date, Pujols has been very consistent with his game used bat sizes. Even across different brands he uses that same 34 to 34.5-inch bat with a drop between 3 and 1. The most common we found at auction was a 31.5 to 31.9 ounce 34-inch bat.

What was Albert Pujols’ Best At Bat?

Alber Pujols' Bat

The 2011 World Series pitted the Rangers and Cardinals against each other. It would take seven games to decide the winner. Throughout those seven games, three were decided by 1 run, one was decided by 2 runs, two were decided by 4 runs and the other, game 3, was decided by 9 runs in a 16 to 7 route by the Cards. 6 of those 16 runs in game 3 would come on the Marucci AP5 bat of Albert Pujols who hit three monster home runs.

That night, October 22, 2011, Pujols may have had his best hitting game ever. On 6 plate appearances, he would gather 5 base hits: 2 clutch singles and 3 home runs. Only four other players have hit for 3 home runs in a World Series game (Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and, more recently, Pablo Sandoval). Pujols would plate 6 runs and hit for 18 bases on all of a 21 pitches. He was pure magic that night and, outside of a hard hit ground out to 3rd base in the top of the 1st, flawless.

Albert Pujols has now played in sixteen World Series games. Over those games he has only hit four home runs total. Three came on the same evening of October 22nd, 2011.

Albert Pujols Game Used Bats

Alber Pujols' Bat

In the modern era, game used bats are relatively easy to verify. Pujols’ bats especially, simply because he tended to drive his game used bats into charities and well known auction houses. Based on the number of fakes, and the number of bat brands that claim to have been swung by Pujols, we’d caution a wholesale belief in many claimed game used Pujols bats—especially those off the beaten path.

Albert Pujols’ Bat Sources

Alber Pujols' Bat

Birdbat, a new site to us, had some OCD when it came to Albert Puljos’ bat. That data sources are remarkable, but stops by 2010. What Pros Wear Section on Albert Pujols showed some images of the extra P on the AP5P from Marucci.  GoldinAuctions is always worth a visit to see some verified pro stuff. PSA’s Pro Bat Facts are also a trove of information on big time player bats. Amazon’s product page on the AP5 was actually helpful too.

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Mike Trout’s Bat

As one of the most popular players in the Majors at the moment, Mike Trout’s bat has seen plenty of press. His penchant for using the same type of bat, so far, makes this report on Mike Trout’s bat simple enough, but not necessarily short. Looking every possible place, and speaking with collectors and auction houses, delivers the following report on Mike Trout’s bat.

Brand Length Weight Type Model Years
Old Hickory 33.5 31.5, 32.1, 31.6, 31.7, 31.9, 32.3, 33.4 Maple MT27, J143, J143M, J143P 2010 – Current
Rawlings* 33.5 30.8 Ash A8898 2011

Mike Trout's Bat

*Note: Trout was known to use Rawlings bats during his rookie season occasionally. He split time between the Angels and their affiliated Arkansas Travelers. As of this writing, he is exclusively swinging the Old Hickory MT27 in a 33.5 inch length and, depending on the wood density, about a 1.75 drop. An eBay search like this can find some of these bats.

What Bat Does Mike Trout Swing?

Mike Trout's Bat

Although he spent at least a few at bats in his rookie season testing out the Rawlings A8898, Trout’s bat is the Old Hickory. His particular model is a full maple wood bat. The design has changed slightly over the years, and with that, the model number. The best we can tell, he started with a J143 and then moved to the J143M. The letter on the end most likely implies a change in end cup or knob taper. We also have some evidence of a J143P which, again, is a slight variation to the knob or end cup.

After his J143M, the model number was changed to MT27. This, of course, refers to Mike Trout and his number 27.

Trout has plenty of years ahead of him in the game, and as such, his opportunity to use a different bat is probable. Considering the amount of sponsorship money many of these bat companies are willing to throw around, we would not be surprised if some other suitor captured his at bats. But, for now, there is no indication Mike Trout will swing anything other than the maple bat from Old Hickory. Perhaps he will approach Derek Jeter’s bat legacy in terms of only using one bat during his career.

What Size is Mike Trout’s Bat?

Mike Trout's Bat

Every Mike Trout bat we were able to locate was 33.5 inches long. In his Old Hickory models, it is stamped on the face of the bat. Weights, as they often do in wood bats, vary. The lightest Old Hickory we found was a 31.5 ounce stick; the heaviest was a 33.4 ounce. These ranges are not uncommon due to inconsistency in wood density.  On average in the bats we found, Trout’s bat weighed 31.75 ounces.

Mike Trout’s Best At Bat

Mike Trout's Bat

On May 15, 2014, the Angels trailed the Rays 3 to 5 in Anaheim in a Thursday evening game. Brad Boxberger replaced closer Grant Balfour after he failed to secure an out in the 9th after facing three batters. Trout was Boxberger’s first and only batter faced for the night. With runners on 1st and 3rd, Boxberger and Trout battled to a 1-1 count.  Before the 3rd pitch of the at bat, the commentator casually reminded the viewer that Trout has never had a walk off home run. Like magic, Boxberger would hang his 81 mph breaking ball right above Trout’s knees in the middle of the plate. Trout’s trusty 33.5 inch Old Hickory would unload that ball 20+ rows up in the left field bleachers.

To date, that shot stands as Mike Trout’s most significant hit in terms of changing a game’s outcome. He has since hit two more walk off shots—his next coming just a month later, and the third in July of 2017. Grant Balfour lost the starting role for the Rays a month later. Boxburger, at least in 2016, still pitches for the Rays.

Mike Trout’s Game Used Bats

Mike Trout's Bat

Here is an assembly of 2012 gamers from Mike Trout’s rookie season. With them, he hit home run number 6, 9, 10, 11, 13 & 30. Since, Trout has switched up his tape job and now uses a lizard skin grip instead of athletic tape ala Bo Jackson. You will also notice the red residue on the handle of his bats from the Mota Stick, red clay on the infield and his batting gloves. Trout’s bats are relatively accessible, although not cheap, since he entered the League. Home run bats, such as these, are relatively scarce.

Mike Trout Bat Sources

Mike Trout's Bat

More information on Mike Trout’s bat comes from places we found helpful in writing this article. PSA Bat facts section is as good as any place in terms of overall information. Statistics for his best at bat were found on baseball reference.

You can find some of these bats for sale with an ebay search like this.

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