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2019 DeMarini CF Insane Fastpitch Review

By Bat Digest

Updated September 25, 2023

2019 DeMarini CF Insane Fastpitch Review Featured Image
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We hit with the DeMarini CF Insane over 400 times. We used 3 different hitters, and tracked the exit speeds and ball carry distance. We also measured the bat's barrel size, figured out the swing weight, and read everything we could on the bat. That data, combined with our extensive experience with fastpitch bats comprises the following 2019 DeMarini CF Insane Fastpitch review.

General Recommendations

The CF Insane, not to be confused with the 2019 CF Zen, is a two-piece composite fastpitch bat with a more endloaded swing weight. Granted, it does not swing as heavy as a bat like the Slugger PXT, but it does swing about 10% heavier than the CF Zen. The Zen is the Insane's lightweight and more popular cousin. (See the fastpitch bat swing weights). The added swing weight lends itself to power hitters.  The price point lends itself to very serious players. The two-piece design allows for some give at contact---it is not nearly as stiff as the Slugger XENO. As such, serious players who hit in the 3, 4 or 5 whole and play at a high level should really like the CF Insane.

Reviews By Model

Previous Bats

Aside from the name and paint job, there are no differences (as far as we could tell) between the 2018 CFX Insane and the 2019 CF Insane. This is not uncommon for major bat manufacturers to have an old bat and a new paint job. Some take a flack for it. However, bats in a given year are made for certain inventory levels, and resupplying them with a colored-up version makes marketing and consumer sense. As well, we can't expect bats to get better and better all the time. Turns out, too, that the CFX Insane is a fantastic bat as is the CF Insane will be. So, hard to complain too much about a good bat. That said, if you can find the 2018 version of the bat new in wrapper with warranty we would not hesitate on it when compared to the 2019 CF Zen. In time, the 2018 CFX will be out of stock. Then, obviously, go for the CF Zen Insane. Both bats use the same Paraflex composite in the barrel, 3-fusion handle and 3-fusion end cap. They also use the same grip as well as the same handle and knob too.


The CF Insane comes in a drop 8, 9 and 10. The Zen version of the bat comes in a drop 10 too, but that bat swings 10% lighter than the drop 10. As a general rule, every step up in size you can expect a 10% increase in swing weight. So, the drop 8 in a 32 should swing about 20% heavier than the drop 10 in a 32. If you want to change drops but keep the same swing weight then move up an inch if you go down a drop or move down an inch if you go up an inch. Remember, swing weight is NOT scale weight. Swing weight is more dependent upon how the bat's weight is distributed along the length of the barrel instead of how much the bat weighs in total.

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