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2017 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Bat Review

By Bat Digest

Updated September 25, 2023

2017 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Bat Review Featured Image
After several hours in the cage and consuming copious research on player feedback for the 2017 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch bat, we present our review.
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On the whole, we rank Rawlings' first four-piece bat among the elite fastpitch bats in the space. The bat's balanced feel and big barrel will get a lot of likes at the register and at the dish. As a drop 9 and drop 10 option only, we expect it to find good uptake in the elite player, base hitter type, market.

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The drop 9 and drop 10 also come in different sizes, so beware of which one you are purchasing.


The Fastpitch Quatro may be the bat with the most technological advancements in the space. It is officially a four piece bat and the first of its kind. We cover the four pieces in depth within our Rawlings Quatro baseball bat review. Here, we give a good overview.

Piece #1: The Handle

The Quatro's handle is a composite material made with a decent amount of flex. This flex, mind you, does not happen during the swing, but instead, at contact. As such, hits feel smooth, even when they are not. This tends to dampen sting on mishits. It also removes some power in the heavier drops---which is likely why this bat is not released in a drop 8 at all.

Piece #2: The Barrel

The Quatro's barrel is a composite material made with maximum size (2 1/4), and is as long of a barrel as anyone else's on the market.

Piece #3: The Quatro Collar

Around the connection point of the barrel and handle sits a composite collar. This collar helps dampen sting and keep the vibration of the barrel out of the handle. Such technology, which a few bats like the XENO put on the inside of the bat, gives an ultra smooth feeling hit and keeps enough stiffness in the transition to deliver big hits.

Piece #4: The Inner End Barrel

Most unique to the Quatro design is the extended inner barrel on the end of the barrel. This addition keeps the integrity and durability of the bat while creating a hot out of the wrapper experience of the outer shell. A few fastpitch bats have used a dual wall system in the past, but none have focused it solely towards the end cap. Surprisingly, this addition does not effect the overall swing weight of the bat too noticeably.