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2016 Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Review

We spent 2 hours in our cage comparing the 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT PLUS Fastpitch softball bat to other similar designs in the market. We received feedback from 4 different hitters—each of whom plays competitive fastpitch.

2016 LXT Video

2016 LXT Models

Models Overview

We also spent 2 hours researching previous versions of the LXT from slugger on vendor sites and analyzing YouTube videos, as well as our own cage time, of bat performance.

We also read at least a dozen online reviews that discuss the bat, albeit superficially, and exchanged a few emails with Louisville Slugger’s bat team. We took these data points and added them in the written form below for our 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT PLUS Review.

General Recommendations

With that background, we are confident in recommending the LXT plus to hitters who prefer a light swinging two-piece composite softball bat in the top shelf performance space. The bat should be appreciated by players who:

  • Hit in the 1, 2, 3, and 5 holes.
  • Tend to have a high AVG but not so much a high SLG.
  • Need as much barrel for swing weight as possible (especially in the smaller sizes).
  • Play a serious (40+) number of games each year.
  • Want to afford a top-shelf performance softball bat

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Every serious fast pitch bat company has a top-shelf bat in the performance two-piece composite space. Easton has the MAKO, for example; DeMarini the CF8; Slugger also has the XENO Plus; Worth the 2 Legit. There are several others.

Each attempt to fill the need of hungry fastpitch players looking for a lot of options in swing weight, a long barrel, and great performance at all pitch speeds. The LXT Plus, we are of the opinion, does that as well, if not better than anyone. It was, in fact, our pick for the best fastpitch bat of 2016. Others are also very good.

Previous Bats

The double wall design, which we discuss above, is new to the 2016 LXT Plus. This design, at least in theory, creates better barrel performance at all pitch speeds. The 2015 LXT wasn’t terrible in barrel performance (in fact, quite the opposite) so any improvement in barrel flex at lower collisions speeds will only help.

On the whole, the 2016 LXT Plus and the 2015 LXT are meant for the elite player looking for a stiff transition in a performance two piece composite fastpitch softball bat.



The 2016 LXT PLUS, like previous year’s versions, is a balanced bat with a gigantic sweet spot and a very stiff transition preferred by elite level players. The composite has been upgraded to this year’s PLUS—to add some durability and better control swing weight—the LXT remains a two piece composite bat built with a stiff transition and remarkable production along the entire length of the barrel.

The LXT Plus uses a composite “slug” insert between the barrel and handle that helps dampen sting. Louisville Slugger has used this design feature for several years among several of their high performance bats. It is referred to as the TRU3 connective piece. The insert makes the bat, officially, a three piece bat design.

There are also two barrels within the 2016 LXT Plus. The outer barrel is tuned for maximum performance across its entire length while the inner barrel makes sure high pitch speeds and massive collisions keep the barrel within legal limits. The benefit to the hitter is no work in period for the composite barrel and legitimate  bat performance across all pitch speeds.

2016 Louisville Slugger LXT PLUS Review