Wade Boggs’ Bat

We scoured the internet, checking auction houses, statistical references and a few grading sites for up to date information on Wade Boggs’ bat. As you might imagine for a 3000 club member and Hall-of-Famer, data was abundant. After sorting through the reliable reports, the following article on Wade Boggs’ bat serves as a landing page for gathered information and sources.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Louisville Slugger 33 3/4 to 35 30 to 32 B349 Ash 1990+
Louisville Slugger 34 – 35 31 to 33 C235 Ash 1980-1989
Louisville Slugger 34 – 35 32 R161 Ash 1980 – 1989
Rawlings Adirondack 456B Ash

Wade Boggs Bat

What Size Bat Did Wade Boggs Use?

Wade Boggs Bat

Wade Boggs’ bat size ranged between 33 3/4 to 35 inches long and from 30 to 33 ounces. His bat sizes varied over the years and tended to get a slightly lighter as he got later into his 18-year career.

What Bat Model Did Wade Boggs’ Use?

Boggs used Louisville Slugger bat models more than any other. However, he often used Rawlings Adirondack bats, and some argue that during the mid 90’s he did like the Adirondack from Rawlings just as much. However, most of his game used bats are Louisville Slugger B349 for later in his career, and the C235 with an occasional R161 more toward the beginning.

He used his Adirondack 456B throughout his career. No doubt he tried other brands, including the era-popular Cooper (like Bo Jackson).

Wade Boggs’ Game Used Bat Signs

A lot has been written on the process of identifying Wade Boggs’ game used bats. In particular, most note that they contain similar characteristics even across his career. The number or initials on his bat, the heavy use of pine tar, and the predictable game models and weight are all signs of Wade Boggs’ game used bats. Vintage Bats, the site, has as detailed a write up as you could hope for.

Wade Boggs’ Best At Bat

Wade Boggs Bat

When Derek Jeter hit a home run for his 3000th hit on July 9, 2011, not many remembered his this feat had been accomplished before. Twelve years earlier, on August 7, 1999, Wade Boggs, now a player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, stepped into the left side of the batter’s box on a 2 and 2 count with 2,999 hits. Two of those hits came earlier in the game. (For Jeter, only 1 had). Chris Haney, the Indians’ reliever, would hang a breaking ball at Bogg’s belt buckle and then get drilled for a no-doubter over the right-center field fence.

He would trot the bases much like he did the other 117 times he went deep in his 18-year career. Instead of crossing home plate with this feet, however, this time he knelt down and kissed it. Fitting, too, considering this 118th home run would be the last of his career. He would finish the next two months with 10 hits putting his total at 3,010. At the end of the season, he retired.

Wade Boggs’ Bat Sources

Wade Boggs Bat

We referred to a number of Wade Boggs’ Bat Sources to compile the above. As always, the pro bats section on the PSA site was very helpful. Vintagebats.com, which is a vintage site at this point, still has some great information available on Boggs’ gamers. Gold In Auctions page on a Wade Boggs auction is helpful too. Check the Paragon Auction site too.

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