Tony Gwynn’s Bat

Tony Gwynn’s batting average is from another era. No player born after 1940, save him, has a .338+ lifetime average. His strike-outs, or lack thereof, rank better than just about anyone you could name. He was more likely to hit for 4 base hits in a game then he was to a have a multi-striek out game. The list of incredible things he did with a bat is long. Here, we dive into the bat he did it with. Taking from a number of sources and referencing many collectors, we write this report on Tony Gwynn’s Bat.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Louisiville Slugger 32.25 31 C263 1991 -1995
Louisiville Slugger 32.5 – 33 30 – 31 C267, B267 1999
Louisiville Slugger 35 32 R161 John Kruk
Louisiville Slugger K55
Rawlings Adirondack

Tony Gwynn's Bat

What Size Bat Did Tony Gwynn Swing?

Like most contact hitters (see Wade Boggs), Tony Gwynn used a lighter bat. In fact, the 30 to 31 ounce Slugger C267 is one of the lighter we have documented on this site of bat usage. Few in the bigs have ever swung anything with less mass.

The same goes with the length of Tony Gwynn’s bats. Although some documented an occasional 35-inch bat, the length of most of Gwynn’s bats were never over 33 inches. Quite often, in fact, they were closer to 32. The best hitter since Ted Williams using a less than 33-inch bat would be revelatory to a number of high school players trying to swing 33 and 34 inch bats.

What Bat Model did Tony Gwynn Use?

His preference was Louisville Slugger’s brand. Most game used auctions we could find were the C263, C267 or B263 model.

No doubt, however, Gwynn used other brands and models. Auction evidence exists of the Rawlings Adirondack Big Stick. Other reputable sites claim the uncommon brand Hoosier bats was also occasionally used by Gwynn. As well, it wasn’t uncommon for Gwynn to use another player’s bat. In an early 1990’s season, Gwynn preferred John Kruks R161 model Slugger bat. The R161 which was swung by players in his era like Boggs, McGwire and Ozzie Smith.

Tony Gwynn’s Game Used Bat Information

Tony Gwynn's Bat

Some legit bat gamers from Gwynn show a thick tape job for the bottom hand of his bat. As well, a bit of pine tar is found on well-used game used bats. Well on his way to baseball immortality,  Gwynn donated or sold a number of his verified game used sticks through his own company. As such, there are a number of Gwynn game used bats on the market with individual inscriptions.

Tony Gwynn’s Bat Sources

We referenced a number of sources while putting together this write-up on Tony Gwynn’s Bat. Foremost may have been the PSA Bat Facts data found here. There is no better place for aggregated statistics than Baseball Reference.  Bidami auctions for Gwynn’s bats are helpful too. Gold In Auctions is a good reference too. You may also like the bat’s that Bryce Harper and Mike Trout used.

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