Ted Williams’ Bat

Ted Williams’ bat provenances are well chronicled. As the arguable best hitter the game has ever seen, this is no surprise. Some consider the bats another Shakespeare’s pen or Van Gough’s paint brush. Here we compile much of the information we researched, as well as their sources on Ted Williams’ bat.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Louisiville Slugger 35 32.3 W153 Ash 1948
Louisiville Slugger 35 33.4 W156
Louisiville Slugger W155
Louisiville Slugger 32 – 33 W166 1951 – 1955

Ted Williams Bat

What Size Bat Did Ted Williams Use?

Ted Williams Bat

With a real concern for the art and strategy of hitting, Ted Williams was the first major ball player to emphasize bat speed over bat weight. As such, his bats were considerably lighter than the players in the generation before him and many of his contemporaries. (see Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb) The bat we found at auction weighed no more than 33.4 and as little as 32.3 ounces.

His bat weight did not fluctuate much throughout his career.

What Brand of Bat Did Ted Williams Use?

Ted Williams Bat

Williams claims to have never used any bat but a Louisville Slugger. There are some Rawlings Adirondack bats with his name on them that date to the period, but they’ve yet to confirm they were game used.

Although Ted Williams’ used Slugger exclusively, his bat model changed often. We confirmed no less than 5 models: W153, W155, W156 and W166.

Ted Williams’ Best At Bat

Ted Williams Bat

At 521 home runs in 19 seasons and the best batting average (.344) of any player born after 1915, Williams’ best at bat could come from a number of scenarios. Yet even with so many options, one has been written about more than any other.

On September 28, 1960, Ted Williams would play his final game. In the bottom of the 8th with the Red Sox down 2 to 4 against the Orioles, Williams took to the plate with no one on and one out. The first pitch a ball, on the second, Williams swung and missed. The third pitch came as a fastball by pitcher Jack Fisher and Williams drilled the ball on a rope to the bullpen. On the final at bat of his storied career, Ted Williams would go yard.

Of note, his 1960 season began with a home run as well.

Ted Williams Game Used Bats

Ted Williams Bat

Williams, ever concerned about his bat’s weight, would clean his bats with alcohol to remove excess pine tar that affected the balance point. His gamers, later in his career, often carried his jersey number (#9) on the knob. Instead of pine tar, he would sometimes use olive oil and resin to get a firm grip.

Ted Williams’ bat authentication processes are well documented. You can read more here.

Ted Williams’ Bat Sources

Goldinauctions, as always, is replete with great information on very famous baseball players of the past. PSA bat’s section on Ted Williams is also reference-able. Williams’ last at bat is well chronicled, ESPN’s write up is here. Baseball References guide to William’s last game is also helpful.

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