Reggie Jackson’s Bat

The strikeout king, as he is affectionately called, hit 563 home runs in his storied career. He also won 5 World Series. In his 20 year career, he played for 5 teams and 14 All Star teams. He is, hands down, one of the greatest hitters in his generation and, in large measure, revolutionized the long ball. From auction house data and a few knowledgeable sources, we’ve gathered as much data as possible on Reggie Jackson’s Bat.

Louisville Slugger 34.5 32.6 Maple MC44, J93 1967
Adirondack – Rawlings 34.5, 35 31.8, 32.1, 33.4, 33.7, 35.1, 37.1 Ash 288RJ, 170B, 281B 1971-1977, 1980, 1982, 1984

Reggie Jackson's Bat

Reggie Jackson Bat Sizes

Reggie Jackson's Bat

In the modern era, we’ve rarely seen bats that weigh over 34 ounces. Most are traditional drop 2’s or 3’s like you’ll find in Pete Rose’s and Derek Jeter’s Bat. Even Barry Bonds had a negative drop and rarely were his bats over 34 ounces. Reggie Jackson, on the other hand, often handled bats that were HEAVY. In fact, we found one auction where Reggie’s bat weighed an astonishing 37.1 ounces.

What Bat Did Reggie Jackson Swing?

Reggie Jackson's Bat

Reggie used the two major wood bat brands in his era: Louisville Slugger and Rawlings Adirondack. Well over the last two-thirds of his 20 year career, most video and auction evidence shows he preferred the Rawlings Adirondack. For most of those years, he preferred his signature series 288RJ. At other times, the MC44, J93 from Slugger as well as the 170B and 281B from Adirondack/Rawlings were his preference.

At 31, He’s Born Mr. October

Reggie Jackson's Bat

The 6th game of the 1977 World Series was played on October 11th. The Yankees were up 3 games to 2 on the Dodgers. In the bottom of the 2nd, Reggie Jackson would take 4 straight balls for a walk.

On his second at bat in the bottom of the 4th, Jackson would send Hooton packing. On his first pitch of the at bat Jackson would paste a line drive to right field for a two run. Hooton was replaced by the 27 year old Dominican Republic native Elias Sosa. But the native born Dominican pitcher wouldn’t fair any better. In the bottom of the 5th, for Jackson’s 3rd at bat, Reggie would also destroy the first pitch of the at bat some 400 feet over the right fielder for another two run shot. It marked the end of Sosa’s night, but not that of Jackson’s.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Reggie Jackson squared with Charlie Hough. It was his 4th at bat of the game. To this point in the game, Reggie had seen all of two hit-able pitches on the night, both of which he put in the cheap seats. With no one on, Hough took the sign of an outside knuckle ball for Jackson’s first pitch. His lanky wind up put a floater on the outside half. Jackson, with a calmness you’d expect from someone nicknamed Mr. October, loaded his monster Rawlings Adirondack and smeared that ball to high heaven. In a moment caught by a hundred cameras, Reggie, the catcher and umpire look heavenward as Jackson pauses at the plate to admire.

In the 6th game of the World Series in 1977, Reggie Jackson may have put on the most impressive hitting display in the history of the sport. 3 strikes, 3 bombs. At age 31 he was born Mr. October in 1977. And the Yankees were once again World Champions.

Reggie Jackson Game Used Bats

Reggie Jackson's Bat

Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, used the above bat while a member of the California Angels. With it he would hit career home run #547 and later gift the bat to a friend. This bat originally sold on eBay for roughly $5k and would later be re-sold by a bat dealer for three times that amount.

A close eye will notice the shaved handle on this bat. This is quintessential of Reggie Jackson gamers from later in his career. Additionally, Reggie typically wrote his uniform #44on the knob of his bats, but, like this example, it wasn’t entirely uncommon for his knobs to be blank.


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