Pete Rose’s Bat

We have searched far and wide for information on the type of bats Pete Rose used during his career. We spent time perusing auction houses deep in the internet, as well as eBay auctions. As well, we even exchanged emails with a collector of Pete Rose bats. All of that research is found below in a conglomeration of information on Pete Rose’s bat.

Brand Length Weight Type Model Number Years
Louisville Slugger 33.5  Ash S222 1974
Louisville Slugger  35, 36  33.7*  Ash S2  1965 – 1968
Mizuno  34 30.3 Ash PR 4192**  1985
Adirondack 35 36.6  Ash 69A 1975

Pete Rose's Bat

*Rose mentioned in one letter of authenticity that the 33.7 was his preferred bat weight.
**4192 was the model number Mizuno put on each bat, in reference to Ty Cobb’s 4192 hits record which Rose was chasing. After Rose broke the record, it was changed to read ATHL (All-Time Hit Leader).

Pete Rose Bat Models

Pete Rose's Bat

While any given at bat might find Rose with any particular bat found in the dugout, Pete Rose generally used three brands of bats in his career. In his first years, the S2 from Slugger was his preference. Within the decade, a signature series was created for Rose using the S222. From there, the Rawlings Adirondack, which players like Ripken also used, became Rose’s bat of choice.

Pete would end his career, and break Ty Cobb’s all-time hit record, with the Japanese Mizuno. This typically all black stick had two different model numbers in its lifetime. Before the record was broken, the label PR 4192 was stamped on the bat. This was in reference to the hit record Rose was chasing. After he passed Cobb, the model stamp was changed to ATHL or, as is commonly understood, All-Time Hit Leader.

Pete Rose Bat Specs

Pete Rose's Bat

Rose not only used several different models in his career, but the bat weights and lengths also varied noticeably. In a letter verifying one of his Adirondack bats during the 1975 season, Rose mentions his preferred bat weight was 33.7 ounces. However, a measurement of his game used bats show his early days upwards of 36 ounces. By the end, some of his Mizuno bats weigh as light as 30.3 ounces.

Regardless of what they weigh now, it is hard to not simply take the hitter’s word for it. He preferred the 33.7 ounce bat in a 35 inch length.

Pete Rose Bat History

Pete Rose's Bat

With a significant number of game used bats available on the market from Pete Rose, there come with that a number of historical contextual stories. One Adirondack bat was given to a boy in the stands after a Reds Cardinals series in 1975. Rose would see that exact bat 20 years later and remember its markings.

Several other Pete Rose bats on the market today have been found, by x-ray, to be corked. These bats sell at a premium now and speak to the lack of regulation in the pre 1985 Major Leagues.

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