Ozzie Smith’s Bat

Known much more for his glove, Ozzie Smith’s bat gets too little pub. Yet he had almost 2,500 hits, over 1,200 runs and nearly 800 RBIs in his career. In homage to those numbers, the following details the information we found on his bat specs, models, length and weight. See all our Louisville Slugger Bat Reviews.

Louisville Slugger 33 3/4 29.9  Ash C271 1983
Louisville Slugger  Ash H238 1982
Louisville Slugger  Ash S327
Louisville Slugger Ash C235
Louisville Slugger  Ash R161
Louisville Slugger  35.5 32.4  Ash B267  1988
Louisville Slugger 34 30  Ash S315 1978 -1979
Louisville Slugger 35 31.2  Ash K55 1986, 1987
Rawlings Adirondack 34 29.1  Ash 384B 1982
Rawlings Adirondack 36 32  Ash P302 1989*

Ozzie Smith's Bat

*This particularly sized Adirondack showed no signs of use. It was, however, one of two bats issued to Smith for the 1989 All-Star game.

What Bat Did Ozzie Smith Use?

Ozzie Smith's Bat

Ozzie used no less than 9 different models from two different brands throughout his 18 year career. It can be assumed he used many more turns and models from Slugger, and due to their popularity at the time, a few from Rawlings Adirondack as well. The list above should not be considered exhaustive.

Unfortunately, video and picture evidence of the time doesn’t have enough resolution to confirm, and all we can tell is the bats he liked were the natural wood color.

We did write an article a while back about Ozzie’s use of the Louisville Slugger 915 Prime at an All Star Game. You might find that interesting as well. You may also want to check out David Ortiz’s bat.

Ozzie Smith Bat Specs: Sizes & Lengths

Ozzie Smith's Bat

Ozzie Smith’s bat didn’t change much in terms of sizing. The lengthiest bat we found game used was a 35.5 B267 from Slugger, and the shortest was a 34 inch in a number of models. The weight of the bats were on the lighter side for MLB players which ranged from 29.9 to 32.4 ounces. These metrics are not surprising considering the arguabley greatest short stop of all time stood all of 5 feet 11 inches and weighed no more than 150 pounds during his career.

One bat issued to Ozzie from Adirondack for the 1989 All-Star Game was a 36 inch, 32 ounce Ash P302. However, that particular bat was never used in the game, but rather was signed by the players on the team. We can assume his other bats were of the same size around that time period, but we don’t have conclusive evidence.

Ozzie Smith’s Bat History

Ozzie Smith's Bat

It took the Cardinals 6 games to beat the Dodgers in the 1985 NLCS. But game 5 is the most memorable in terms of historical at bats. Thomas Niedenfuer, who had replaced Fernando Valenzuela’s four-hit eight-inning gem, pitched Ozzie Smith on the left side of the plate. With the score tied and one out, Ozzie chased a fastball, got a ball and watched a strike.

Up to this point, Ozzie had nearly 3,000 plate appearances from the left and had yet to hit a home run. No doubt, Niedenfuer must have thought he could sneak fastball on the inside half with Ozzie down 1-2 in the count. Ozzie had other plans. He turned on the ball and roped a home run several rows into the left field stands. #WizardWalkOff.

Poor resolution doesn’t help in identifying the exact bat he used. Nor does the 1985 mandate by the MLB for smaller brand logos on bats. But, we can guess the wood colored bat was a Slugger variety as it lacked the red stripe the Rawlings Adirondack made famous. His confirmed use of the K55 and S271 in years surrounding the 1985 season make this as good a hypothesis as we can offer.


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