Mike Trout’s Bat

As one of the most popular players in the Majors at the moment, Mike Trout’s bat has seen plenty of press. His penchant for using the same type of bat, so far, makes this report on Mike Trout’s bat simple enough, but not necessarily short. Looking every possible place, and speaking with collectors and auction houses, delivers the following report on Mike Trout’s bat.

Brand Length Weight Type Model Years
Old Hickory 33.5 31.5, 32.1, 31.6, 31.7, 31.9, 32.3, 33.4 Maple MT27, J143, J143M, J143P 2010 – Current
Rawlings* 33.5 30.8 Ash A8898 2011

Mike Trout's Bat

*Note: Trout was known to use Rawlings bats during his rookie season occasionally. He split time between the Angels and their affiliated Arkansas Travelers. As of this writing, he is exclusively swinging the Old Hickory MT27 in a 33.5 inch length and, depending on the wood density, about a 1.75 drop. An eBay search like this can find some of these bats.

What Bat Does Mike Trout Swing?

Mike Trout's Bat

Although he spent at least a few at bats in his rookie season testing out the Rawlings A8898, Trout’s bat is the Old Hickory. His particular model is a full maple wood bat. The design has changed slightly over the years, and with that, the model number. The best we can tell, he started with a J143 and then moved to the J143M. The letter on the end most likely implies a change in end cup or knob taper. We also have some evidence of a J143P which, again, is a slight variation to the knob or end cup.

After his J143M, the model number was changed to MT27. This, of course, refers to Mike Trout and his number 27.

Trout has plenty of years ahead of him in the game, and as such, his opportunity to use a different bat is probable. Considering the amount of sponsorship money many of these bat companies are willing to throw around, we would not be surprised if some other suitor captured his at bats. But, for now, there is no indication Mike Trout will swing anything other than the maple bat from Old Hickory. Perhaps he will approach Derek Jeter’s bat legacy in terms of only using one bat during his career.

What Size is Mike Trout’s Bat?

Mike Trout's Bat

Every Mike Trout bat we were able to locate was 33.5 inches long. In his Old Hickory models, it is stamped on the face of the bat. Weights, as they often do in wood bats, vary. The lightest Old Hickory we found was a 31.5 ounce stick; the heaviest was a 33.4 ounce. These ranges are not uncommon due to inconsistency in wood density.  On average in the bats we found, Trout’s bat weighed 31.75 ounces.

Mike Trout’s Best At Bat

Mike Trout's Bat

On May 15, 2014, the Angels trailed the Rays 3 to 5 in Anaheim in a Thursday evening game. Brad Boxberger replaced closer Grant Balfour after he failed to secure an out in the 9th after facing three batters. Trout was Boxberger’s first and only batter faced for the night. With runners on 1st and 3rd, Boxberger and Trout battled to a 1-1 count.  Before the 3rd pitch of the at bat, the commentator casually reminded the viewer that Trout has never had a walk off home run. Like magic, Boxberger would hang his 81 mph breaking ball right above Trout’s knees in the middle of the plate. Trout’s trusty 33.5 inch Old Hickory would unload that ball 20+ rows up in the left field bleachers.

To date, that shot stands as Mike Trout’s most significant hit in terms of changing a game’s outcome. He has since hit two more walk off shots—his next coming just a month later, and the third in July of 2017. Grant Balfour lost the starting role for the Rays a month later. Boxburger, at least in 2016, still pitches for the Rays.

Mike Trout’s Game Used Bats

Mike Trout's Bat

Here is an assembly of 2012 gamers from Mike Trout’s rookie season. With them, he hit home run number 6, 9, 10, 11, 13 & 30. Since, Trout has switched up his tape job and now uses a lizard skin grip instead of athletic tape ala Bo Jackson. You will also notice the red residue on the handle of his bats from the Mota Stick, red clay on the infield and his batting gloves. Trout’s bats are relatively accessible, although not cheap, since he entered the League. Home run bats, such as these, are relatively scarce.

Mike Trout Bat Sources

Mike Trout's Bat

More information on Mike Trout’s bat comes from places we found helpful in writing this article. PSA Bat facts section is as good as any place in terms of overall information. Statistics for his best at bat were found on baseball reference.

You can find some of these bats for sale with an ebay search like this.

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