Miguel Cabrera’s Bat

Many consider Miguel Cabrera the best hitter in the game. Although not a difficult case to make, we will refrain from the superlatives here. Instead, we will present the details we found on the bat the, arguable, best hitter in the game uses. We have searched far and wide, as well as exchanged a few emails with bat manufacturers on Cabrera’s bat orders and sizes. Those facts, and more, are presented in the below expose on Miguel Cabrera’s Bat.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Sam Bat 34 32, 32.5, 32.7 MC1, KM1 Maple 2005 – Current
Tuff X-Bat 33 7/8 32.6 24 Maple 2003
Louisville Slugger C243 2003
Phoenix Bats 24
Zinger 33.875, 34 32.8, 32.5, 31.5 24 Maple 2003 – 2007
Nokona 33 7/8 33.2 NK31 – MC24 Maple 2008
Marucci 34 31.5 MC24 2007

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

What Bat Does Miguel Cabrera Use?

Over the last decade, it is fair to say Cabrera is a Sam Bat guy. Evidence exists that he used the Sam Bat brand as early as 2005, and since around 2008 or 2009, has used nothing else. We found the MC1, which stands for Miguel Cabrera 1, his model of choice. The KM1 model was also found as a game used by Miguel Cabrera option, but that came only in the very early years when Sam Bat was distributed by Wilson. Sam Bat, you may recall, was made famous by Barry Bonds.

Like many players, Cabrera used his first few years in the pros to acclimate himself to a number of bats before deciding on the maple Sam Bat. Zinger and Tuff X-Bat appeared to be a preference for at least a little while. Phoenix and Marucci also had their chance in Miggy’s hands. Of note, Cabrera used Slugger wood somewhere between rarely and almost never. We found a single C243 attributed to him during his rookie season.

We never found a wood bat from Miggy that was anything but maple. Considering his current love and commitment to Sam Bat, the original maple bat company, this fact makes sense.

What Size is Miguel Cabrera’s Bat?

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

Game used bats at auction, as well as some ordering records we found, make a tight grouping of bat sizes by Cabrera. Ever since his rookie season (2003) his bat has been either 33 7/8 or 34 inches. Miggy bat weight is no more than 33.2 and no less than 31.5 with the mean somewhere in the 32 to 32.5 ounce range.

Considering he is a 6 foot 4, 240 pound beast of a hitter, the bat size would be considered on the average side of things.

Miguel Cabrera’s Best At Bat

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

2012 was a magical year for Miguel Cabrera. Indeed, what he accomplished that year as the first triple crown winner since 1967, would have been magical for anyone. His MC1 Sam Bat was unstoppable as he led the Majors in all Home Runs (44), Average (330) and RBIs (139). If any at-bat exemplified the type of year he had, it may have been when he stepped to the plate on an early August, Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

August 5, 2012, the Indians and Tigers pushed an otherwise forgettable end of summer game into extra innings. In the top of the 9th, with the Indians up, the bats came afire. The Indians would combine for four hits—a single, a double and two homers—to score three runs in the do or die inning.

Now down 3 going into the bottom of the 10th, the Tigers needed a miracle to extend the game, and the impossible to win it. Cabrera, Mr. Impossible in 2012, was 7 spots away from getting in the box.

Cabrera would get his chance. With a 3-1 count, and the score now tied, Cabrera worked a 3-1 count to get a 94 Fastball attempt for the outside corner. The pitch missed the mark by no more than 3 inches, but just enough to move the ball off the black stripe and into Cabrera’s wheelhouse—which, in 2012, consisted of just about anything on the white.

Cabrera unloaded with his MC1 Sam Bat. The ball flew about as high as it did far. Some 380+ feet later it landed in the visiting team’s bullpen. The Indian’s relief pitchers quickly put away their gloves. Cabrera, like he would 44 times that year, trotted the paths. In two more months, that single at bat would highlight a long list of hits from the best hitting season any player has had since 1967.

Miguel Cabrera’s Game used Bats

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

After fitting a potential game used bat into the time frame table above, consider that Cabrera bats are most often untaped. Occasionally, however, Miggy’s bats have been to known to carry a traditional tape wrapping. Some times, as well, tape ringlets or crisscross patterns are found. While tape is uncommon, It is not unusual to find Mota stick or pine tar applications on older versions. His number, 24 since his second year and on, and 20 in his rookie year, are also commonly found on the knob or barrel cap. The vast majority of bats attributed to Cabrera did not have a cupped end.

Miguel Cabrera Bat Sources

Cabrera’s bat usage data is deep and wide. In gathering all the information we could find, the following sources were helpful. Most were found by a simple Google search. PSA Bat Facts is always good for a snippet or two of reliable data points–especially on identifying game used bats. What Pros Wear pointed us to the Sam Bat MC1. Goldinauctions rookie season Cabrera bat auction was useful. We gained some data from BigTimeAuction house too. Bidami auctions are also always helpful. The video of Cabrera’s August 5, 2012 bomb was also fun to watch on MLB.tv. And, finally, Cabrera’s statistics were helpful too.

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