Mickey Mantle’s Bat

Mickey Mantle’s bat details are as well documented as any player’s. Like most, he used a number of bats throughout his career and not necessarily contiguously. Below we capture much of the history and bat background for Mickey Mantle’s bat.

* Brand Length Weight Type Model Number Years
Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 35 31 Ash M110 1955-1957
Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 35 32-34 Ash K55 1950-1960
Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 35 32 Ash W215 1966
Mickey Mantle Adirondack Ash 302

Mickey Mantle's Bat

Mickey Mantle’s Historic At Bat

Mickey Mantle's Bat

By the start of 1967, only 5 players in the modern era had over 500 home runs. On May 14th of that year, Mickey Mantle would join the club. On that late afternoon, in front of nearly 20,000 fans at Yankee Stadium, Mantle, a switch hitter, stepped in the batter’s box on the left hander’s side. On the 7th pitch of the at bat, the 5 foot 11 inch Stu Miller—a 39 year old, 16 year veteran pitcher—would give the 5 foot 11 inch Mantle a fastball on the inner half.  The left fielder never had a chance.

Mantle would trot around the bases without much fanfare—like he’d done it 499 times before. At least one fan would rush the field while Mantle made his way to the dugout. The announcer, as far as the recording goes, doesn’t even mention the milestone. The crowd cheers.

Mantle would play one more season, ending with 536 total home runs. Stu Miller would hang up the cleats after pitching two games in 1968. His 16 year career makes him arguably the most storied pitcher in Oriole history. He allowed only 140 home runs in his 16 years. Yet none more historic than that sunny afternoon when “The Mick” made history on his fastball.

Mickey Mantle’s Bat Specs: Size, Weight and Length

Mickey Mantle's Bat

All the details on Mickey Mantle’s bat are not readily available, but after wading through enough auction house data, we can see his bat usually weighed not much more than 33 ounces and most often weighed in at 32.6. The length of his bats were mostly 35 inches. Some came in around 36.

Mickey Mantle Models

Mickey Mantle's Bat

Mickey Mantle used at least two different brand models of bats in his storied career. The Louisville Slugger was far and away his preferred, or at least more used, brand. Adirondack, which was soon to be known as Rawlings, was his second. There are many more Louisville Slugger bats in the game used markets than Adirondack.

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