Kris Bryant’s Bat

After reviewing every source imaginable, we discuss the sizes, models and makes of Kris Bryant’s bat, as well as his game used marks and his best at bat. Sources for this information are linked below.

Brand Length Min Length Max Weight Min Weight Max Model Type Years
Marucci 33.5 31 KB17.2 Ash 2015
Victus 34 31 31.5 KB17 2014 – 2016
Chandlar 34 31 CB243, KB17 2014 – 2016
Zinger Ash 2013
Louisville Slugger 34 30 243 Ash 2014

Krist Bryant's Bat

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What Size is Kris Bryant’s Bat?

Krist Bryant's Bat

Since his debut in Major League Baseball, Bryant uses a 33 to 34-inch bat that weighs 30 to 31 ounces. There are a few bats we found weighing less than 30 ounces, but those are attributed to his Minor League days.

What Bat Model Does Kris Bryant Swing?

Krist Bryant's Bat

Like most MLB players these days, Bryant has used a list of bats. We found evidence of at least five different brands and no less than six different models. Truth be told, the bat models and makes he has used probably numbers a dozen or more.

More recently, Bryant used his Chandler KB17 almost exclusively during the Cubs 2015 and 2016 season.

Game Used Kris Bryant Bats

Krist Bryant's Bat

A Kris Bryant game-used bat has characteristics worth noting. As we mention above, the 33 to 34-inch length and a 30 to 31-ounce bat should be expected. Also, we noted, we never saw a tape, or grip job on any of the bats confirmed as Bryant’s gamers. His bat shape is similar to the 243 turn. Meaning, a traditional knob, a long barrel, and a reasonably quick taper.

Kris Bryant’s Best At Bat So Far

Krist Bryant's Bat

Down 7 to 8 vs the Rockies on July 27, 2015, Rookie Kris Bryant stepped into the box with two outs. Dexter Fowler, two hitters earlier, was on first base after a single right field on a 5 pitch at bat. John Axford,  5-year veteran, had faced Bryant once before and walked him. This time, Bryant took the second pitch of the at bat, an 87mph slider, into the 10th row of the left centerfield bleachers. The cubs win 9 to 8.

That shot stands as the 14th home run of Bryant’s career and his first ever walk-off.

Kris Bryant’s Bat Sources

What Pro’s Wear has information on Kris Bryant’s Bat types. Gold In Auctions Bryant Victus bat auction was also helpful. As well, this great story of Bryant shipping a game used bat to a twitter fan is awesome. Pro Bat Facts had some information too.

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