Joe DiMaggio’s Bat

Considered one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game, Joe DiMaggio is likely best remembered for two things: his participation in Murderer’s Row and the 56 game hit streak. As well as being a great all around player, DiMaggio’s hitting prowess is among the best the League has ever seen. We chronicle some of that information from a number of sources and focus on the model, type, sizes and use of Joe DiMaggio’s bat.

Louisiville Slugger D28L Ash
Louisiville Slugger D29, D29L Ash
Louisiville Slugger 36 35.6 Rudy York Ash 1941

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

What Size Bat Did Joe DiMaggio Use?

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

Joe DiMaggio’s bat sizes were no less than 35.5 inches and no greater than 36 inches. This is considered a very small spread for his era—especially considering the likes of Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. Weights were in the mid 35 ounce range with most around 35.5. Louisville Slugger’s ordering records show a 35.5 as his most common bat. You might find this somewhat similar to Bryce Harper and Mike Trout’s bat.

What Model Bat Did Joe DiMaggio Use?

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

DeMaggio used a Louisville Slugger bat for his entire career. Although the Rawlings Adirondack was also a popular bat at the time, we could find no evidence of a Joe DiMaggio game used Adirondack. Ordering records and a bat contract signed with Slugger in 1933 all point to his exclusive Slugger use.

His model numbers include: D28, D28L, D29 and D29L. We also found some record of a bat model referred to as Rudy York. All of these are Louisville Slugger made bats.

Joe DiMaggio’s Significant At Bat

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

July 17, 1941, Joe DiMaggio, with one out, stepped into the box in the bottom of the 8th inning. DiMaggio came to the plate with a 56 game hitting streak to his name, hoping to make it 57. His Yankees were up 4 to 1. Jim Bagley, a relief pitcher for the Indians, was on the mound. With a man on first and one out, DiMaggio hit a ball to the left of Indian short stop, Lou Boudreau. A bad hop forced an athletic play to put a glove on the ball, which incredibly, Boudreau managed. He spun and started the 6-4-3 double play. DiMaggio would end the night 0 for 3 with a walk.

That July 17th game marked the first time since May 15th that DiMaggio did not record a hit. It marked the end of a 56 game hitting streak by Joltin’ Joe that even today, many predict will never be broken.

On July 18th, the very next game, DiMaggio would start another hitting streak that would last 16 games. Had Boudreau not made the athletic play to glove DiMaggio’s hard ground ball in the gap, his streak would have reached 73 games. As such, that double play backhand by a mostly unknown short stop for the Indians stands as one of the most significant double plays in baseball history.

Joe DiMaggio’s Game Used Bat Information

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

Verified DiMaggio game used bats are very few and far between. From verified bats, expect the left barrel to contain ball marks as DiMaggio was a label up hitter. No particular handle enamoring is usually found, although one time in his career pine tar was commonplace. His gamers may also exhibit some sanding on the barrel.

Joe DiMaggio’s Bat Sources

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

PSA Bat Facts on Joe DiMaggio had a number of helpful images. Goldinauctions, as always, has a few good auctions of Joe DiMaggio’s bat. The details of the game on July 17, 1941 were reviewed on baseball reference.

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