Ichiro Suzuki’s Bat

In terms of size, type, model and brand, Ichiro Suzuki’s bat stands alone. His approach to hitting, and taking care of his hitting instrument, are unique to the cause. They should give pause to every player in the game who thinks too little about their equipment. The following summarizes a few hours of research on Ichiro Suzuki’s bat.

Brand Length Min Length Max Weight Min Weight Max Model Type Years
Mizuno 33.46  33.46 31  31.75 Mizuno Pro Tamo Wood / Ash

Ichiro Suzuki's Bat

What Size Bat Does Ichiro Suzuki Use?

Ichiro Suzuki’s bat size is remarkably consistent. In fact, of all the Major League bats we have studied, none have been more exact than Ichiro’s. The length of each bat is 34.46 inches. The weight no lighter than 31 ounces, yet not greater than 31.74 ounces.

What Bat Bat Brand Does Ichiro Suzuki Swing?

His entire career, Ichiro Suzuki swung a custom Mizuno bat. Mizuno, based in Japan, makes bats of Tamo Wood, sometimes known as Japanese Ash. Much like Derek Jeter never swung anything but the American favorite, Louisville Slugger, Ichiro is loyal to the Japanese Mizuno.

Ichiro Suzuki’s Game Used Bat Characteristics

Ichiro Suzuki's Bat

Difficult to find on the market, Ichiro’s bats are identified by their exact length of 34.46 inches and weight between 31 and 31.75 ounces. Ichiro kept remarkable care of his bats and used them only slightly. As such, pine tar and ball marks are rare. However, his respect for the bats leave very few on the open market. Throw in demand for his bats from both the US and Japan, and it is obvious why his confirmed game used bats draw a significant premium.

Ichiro Suzuki’s Best At Bat

Ichiro Suzuki's Bat

In the Majors, Ichiro only hit two walk off bombs during his entire career. Both with two outs. In June of 2013, Ichiro, then playing for the Yankees, hit a single run shot on Tanner Scheppers in the bottom of the 9th.

To win a September game in 2009, Ichiro blasted a two-run walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th that sailed into the right field bleachers. That year he played for the Mariners in Seattle, where the game was held. Baseball references claimed it the most significant, game-changing, hit of Ichiro’s entire career. The opponent? The Yankees. The pitcher? None other than the best closer in the history of the game, Mariano Rivera.

Ichiro Suzuki’s Bat Sources

PSA bat facts, as always, is helpful in terms of bat data on major players. The Game Used Universe Forum has some interesting threads on Ichiro’s Bat. Gold In Actions is also helpful. This New York Time’s piece on Ichiro’s bat is worth a read, too. You should also like Bryce Harper’s bat.

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