Ian Kinsler Bat

Ian Kinsler’s bat is, these days, a Warstic. He owns part of the company (or something close to that). Warstic makes great looking bats that more than a few major league baseball players have got into. They also make a number of consumer type models in the Ian Kinsler turn. We got our Ian Kinsler Bat from Just Bats. Wrapped with some VARO bat tape and absolutely love it.

Ian Kinsler's Bat

(Above is the Warstic bat Ian Kinsler used during a Player’s weekend. Great looking work by Warstic and their Ash Pro bat.)

Where to Buy the Ian Kinsler Pro Reserve

This bat is in stock at JustBats the vast majority of the time. You can find other versions of the bat directly on Warstic’s website. Otherwise, the distribution of the Game Day Pro Reserve is not ubiquitous.

2016 Ian Kinsler Pro Reserve & Varo Bat Tape


What Bat Does Ian Kinsler Use?

Ian Kinlser's Bat

There was a time when Kinsler swung a lot of Louisivlle Slugger. You can find many of these bats at auction houses or on Amazon under game used bats. The most common model turn we could find was the popular C243. But, we are sure, he experimented with others over the years.

Now, he is an exclusive Warstic bat user (as he should be since he owns part of the company).

Louisville Slugger 33.5 31.5 Ash C243 2015
Warstic  33.5  31.5  Ash 582 2017

Ian Kinsler’s Bat Specs: Size, Weight and Length

We have yet to find a Kinsler bat that is anything but a 33.5 in length and a drop 2. This is considered a larger bat than our average mlb player bat.

Kinsler also tends to prefer Ash. We found a few older model versions at auction houses that appeared to be maple. But, in terms of what he prefers today, the answer is Ash. Ash, like Jeter used, has a softer feel and is more flexible. It was, for some time in the late part of the 1900’s the most popular wood bat type for the pros. Today, many players prefer the stronger and stiffer feel of Maple.

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