Hank Aaron’s Bat

After a few hours’ research finding information on Hank Aaron’s bat, we compile our data below. It includes the most up to date information on the bat sizes, models, weights and lengths Hank Aaron used during his career. Below we also discuss one of his most memorable at bats and some signs of his game used equipment. Our intent is to serve as the single place for the most comprehensive aggregated information on Hank Aaron’s bat. We link other sources we referenced below.

Brand Length Weight Type Model Number Years
Louisville Slugger 35 31.5, 33.25, Ash A99 1957, 1973 – 1975, 1976
Rawlings Adirondack 35 33.5 Ash 63A 1968 – 1969

Hank Aaron's Bat

What Bat Did Hank Aaron Use?

Hank Aaron's Bat

Like most players in his era, Hank Aaron switched between two bat brands: Louisville Slugger and Rawlings Adirondack. Specifically, the A99 from Louisville Slugger and the Rawlings Adirondack 63A. While lack of TV coverage makes it impossible to tell exactly which bat he preferred through which years, we can confirm there are many more A99 Sluggers on the game-used market than those of the 63A Adirondack. We consider that enough information to claim Aaron at least slightly preferred the Slugger.

It is possible, indeed probable, Hank used more than these two models from these two brands. But what we can confirm in current video footage, conversations with collectors and auction house data is those two particular models.

What Size Was Hank Aaron’s Bat?

Hank Aaron's Bat

Bat sizing for Hank Aaron isn’t readily available. What we did find, however, was a consistent 35 inch length bat across his two preferred brands. Weights were as low as 31.5 ounces, but usually came in at 33.5 ounces. In other words, it could be said the greatest home run hitter in the game used a 33.5 ounce bat.

Of some interest, Aaron’s bat swings heavier than Barry Bonds’ bat, which averaged in the 31.5 ounce range.

Hank Aaron’s Best At Bat

Hank Aaron's Bat

On July 12th, 1962, Hank Aaron faced a 28 year old, 7 year veteran from the St. Louis Cardinals named Lindy McDaniel. It was the bottom of the 9th in an Atlanta game that started at 8pm. One batter earlier, McDaniel replaced 9th inning closer Luke Jackson, who replaced the Cardinal starter just two hitters before that, for a home run he gave up—more on that later. The score was 4 to 6 in favor of the Cardinals. Now, down two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Cards, looking to put the Braves to bed, sent the 6’2″ right handed McDaniel to the mound. Aaron was up batting in the 4-hole. One out. The bases were loaded.

As you can guess, since we are writing a blurb on an otherwise forgettable middle season game some 50 plus years ago, Hank Aaron smashed a bomb deep to left field. His 275th. It was a grand slam walk off. Astonishingly, Aaron would hit a total of 16 grand slams in his storied career—but only this one was a walk off.

Aaron would hit another 480 home runs before retirement to end with the magical 755.

Oh yeah, and that home run four batters earlier that sent the starting pitcher into the locker room? None other than Hank Aaron’s kid brother, Tommie Aaron. And before you ask, no, it was not the first time two brothers hit a home run for the same team in the same game. But, it was a first for the Aaron’s, and it was a feat they would not repeat.

Hank Aaron’s Game Used Bat Details

Hank Aaron's Bat

Expect any game used Hank Aaron bat to be very hard to confirm. During the beginning of his career he used pine tar, but by the end not so much. Sometimes he put #44 on the knob, unless of course he didn’t. Or rather, maybe his number was 5 as it was in the start of his career. Due to the legend of Aaron, and the lack of his gamers (gamers are bats he used in a game) made available to the public, it’s very unlikely to run across a game used Hank Aaron bat. But, if you did, you’d have one of the best pieces of historical memorabilia baseball can offer.

You may also be able to gather some insight into Aaron’s bat by checking out the bat of Barry Bonds.

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