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Giancarlo Stanton’s Bat

Giancarlo Stanton uses a 34-inch bat that weighs, about 32.5 ounces. He is also very much a Marucci user. The Marucci bat he uses is most often black with gold or silver lettering.

barry bonds bat

Giancarlo Stanton’s Bat is a 34-inch Marucci maple. He has a custom version of the bat with a very flared knob. In fact, it’s hard to say it even has a knob. The bat is referred to as the G27 from Marucci.

During the playoffs of the 2020 seasion, Stanton still used a full black Marucci G27. Hard to say if he used anything else during the year. But, he used the same model and color scheme bat to start and end the year.

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