Derek Jeter’s Bat

Derek Jeter’s Bat is the Louisville Slugger P72. It’s an ash bat with an open grain structure for an easy swing. He used it for his entire career, with a lifetime batting average of .310 for 3,465 hits. Derek Jeter used a Louisville Slugger P72 for more than 12,500 plate appearances and has ordered around 2,500 bats during his sure-to-be Hall of Fame, 20 year career. Compare that to Bryce Harper, another very popular bat search term, and you’ll find he’s used more than 20 in just the 7 years of his MLB career.

* Brand Length Weight Type Model Number Years
Derek Jeter Louisville Slugger 34 31 Ash P72, DJ2 1992 – 2014

***Note: There is a grandfather clause to reproduce the bat. Any descendant of Les Pinkham (the man for whom the P72 was originally made) can ask Slugger to recreate the P72).*

History and the Bat Behind Home Run #230

Derek Jeter's Bat

The P72 bat was originally made in 1954 for Leslie Wayne Pinkham, who never made the majors due to an injury to his thumb.  Jeter chose the bat, he said, because it was shaped like his high school bat. He never swung anything different. The bat is now retired all of 60 years after its creation.

This particular P72 Slugger bat hit Jeter’s career home run number 230 during the 2010 season versus Toronto. A collector owns this bat, and it is worth a best estimated value of around $4,500. You can see more about that here.

Derek Jeter’s Bat & Hit #3000

After getting his 2,999 hit on a first inning single, Derek Jeter approached the plate on July 9th 2011 for his second at bat. He worked the count to full at Yankees stadium. Then, he fouled the seventh pitch to the right, then fouled off the eight to the left.

The ninth pitch was one for the history books. David Price, the big lefty and starting pitcher that day for the Tampa Bay Rays, tried a backdoor slider. It clocked 84 mph and dove into just too much towards middle third of the plate. It crossed the plate right below Jeter’s belt. Jeter drove the ball to left centerfield and into the 1st row of the second concourse at @yankees stadium. He became the 28th hitter to get #3,000hits and the 1st to get it on a #homerun.

The #baseballs that day were specially marked in the unlikely event he put one out. Weeks later the ball would be valued at around $250,000. (Although the fan gave the ball back to Jeter). The bat was the same one he always used: A P72 from Louisville Slugger.

On the day Jeter would go 5 for 5 at the plate.

Jeter’s P72 Specs: Sizing, Type, Weight, Length

The P72 is copied far and wide by many other vendors, so you can find the shape of the bat elsewhere. Of course, with a Louisville Slugger official logo, you’ll need to look in the secondary market. Here are the general specs of the P72 as Derek Jeter used it.

  • Manufacturer: Louisville Slugger
  • Model Number: P72
  • Finish: Black-Smith
  • Length: 34 inches
  • Weight: 31.1 ounces
  • Wood: Ash
  • Finish: Black
  • Handle: 15/16 Inch
  • Barrel: Large Barrel
  • End: Non-Cupped End

Derek Jeter’s Bat No Longer For Sale

The Louisville P72 in ash is no longer for sale, however, a number of other manufacturers create the same turn. In other words, you can get the same shape of bat, just from another manufacturer.

If you feel like you want to spend some serious coin, check eBay (with a search like this) for certified game used Derek Jeter bats.

Derek Jeter’s Bat Sources

Derek Jeter's Bat

We reviewed a number of sources to gather this information into one place. Derek Jeter bat information has pasted the internet.

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