Dee Gordon’s Bat

Dee Gordon’s bat is rarely a topic of conversation. A player with less than 10 dingers in his career rarely gets articles written about his bat. However, considering the latest events with his teammate Jose Fernandez, the internet has blown up with his remarkable at bat. We cover that, and more details about his bat, in the following article on Dee Gordon’s Bat.

Brand Length Weight Model Type Years
Chandler CB1  2011 – Current
Marucci  33  30.5, 31 Dee Gordon Pro  2011 – 2013

Dee Gordon's Bat

What Size Bat Does Dee Gordon Use?

Dee Gordon's Bat

We have had the hardest time tracking down the exact bat sizes for Dee Gordon. This early in his career, there have yet to be many full on auctions that detail the exact weight and length. As that changes, we will make sure to add that information here.

Ordering records for Dee Gordon at Marucci show a 33 inch drop 3 or 3.5 (so 31 to 30.5 ounces), but we will update this as find more information.

What Model Bat Does Dee Gordon Use?

Dee Gordon's Bat

When he was a Dodger, Gordon would occasionally use both a Marucci and a Chandlar bat. Of course there could have been any number of bats he tried at least once, but the only evidence we can gather are those two brands. Once he moved to Miami, we can’t find an instance he used Marucci. Instead, he appears to use the CB1 from Chandler exclusively.

Dee Gordon’s Best At Bat

Dee Gordon's Bat

As the most talked about at bat in recent history, Dee Gordon homered in the bottom of the first on September 26, 2016 off Bartolo Colon. The significance of the at bat is more apparent when considering the previous day’s headlines. Jose Fernandez, a long time teammate of Gordon and ace pitcher on the Marlins’ staff, died in a tragic boating accident early the morning of September 25, 2016. The death sent shock-waves through the entire baseball community as Jose was known for his vibrant, infectious attitude about the game. In honor of their fallen friend, each Marlin wore Fernadez’s number 16 to their game the following day.

In the bottom of the first, Gordon batting lead off, took a pitch on the right handed side of the plate in both Fernandez’s batting stance and wearing his batting helmet. Colon appropriately threw a ball. Gordon then switched sides of the plate and switched out of Jose’s helmet. Bartolo then threw another ball. The count now 2-0, and possibly sensing the gravity of the moment, Colon threw a 85 mile per hour heater right down the middle of the plate. Gordon, who had not hit a home run since more than a year previous, jumped on the fastball and yanked it over the right field fence. Gordon would run the bases, and by the time he reached third, was visibly crying. So was everyone else with a soul.

Gordon would mention later “I ain’t never hit a ball that far, even in BP. I told the boys, ‘If you all don’t believe in God, you better start.’ For that to happen today, we had some help.”

Dee Gordon’s Bat Sources

We affirm the What Pros Wear claim that Gordon currently uses the CB15 from Chandlar Bats. The MLB Auction site was also somewhat helpful in confirming the model. A google search of Gordon and Fernadez will turn up a long list of stories about Gordon’s memorable home runs. USAToday’s write up was probably our favorite.

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