David Ortiz’s Bat

The data below represents our attempt to gather all the information on the internet about David Ortiz’s bat through hours of online research, mlb.tv game footage and exchanging some text with collectors. Our intent is to cover everything imaginable about David Ortiz’s bat including size, weight, length, brand and model as well as what years he used what bat. Many of the sources we used are toward the bottom of this article on David Ortiz’s bat.

Brand Length Weight Type Model Years
Marucci 34.5 32.8, 33.4 Maple DO34, Papi 34 2012 – 2015
Nakona 34.5 32 Maple 2009 – 2010
Rawlings Adirondack 34.5 30.7, 31.6, 32.1, 32 456B 2005 – 2008
X Bat 34.5 32.3, 32.5 Model 24 2004 – 2007
Louisville Slugger 34.5, 33.75 30.8, 31.1  Ash O76, C243 1997 – 2004

David Ortiz's Bat
Unlike a lot of pro model versions, you can actually buy a David Ortiz game bat with an Amazon search like this. As well, eBay often has game used bats of David Ortiz on auction.

What Bat Does David Ortiz Use?

David Ortiz's Bat

Ortiz, like most MLBers,  has used many different makes and models in his career. Our chart above simplifies something that is not that simple. Ortiz likely used a number of different bats during any given season or, frankly, any given game. However, roughly speaking, we found the bats listed above in auction, attributed to those specific years.

More particularly, during his Twins’ years, Ortiz most often used Louisville Slugger’s C243. There is some evidence of the O76 model from Slugger, too. We could not find evidence Big Papi used Slugger any time after 2004. However, we could find his use of the X-Bat 24, a significant number of Rawlings Adirondack 456B and a splurge on Nakona bats in 2009 and 2010. Around the start of the decade, Ortiz appears settled on Marucci’s Papi 34 formerly known as DO34.

It would appear Ortiz prefers maple—as many big hitters do—but we found some evidence of him using ash bats as well.

What Size is David Ortiz’s Bat?

David Ortiz's Bat

Outside of his rookie year, Ortiz swings a 34.5 inch bat religiously. Across brands it didn’t matter. As the weight of wood varies, so does David Ortiz’s bat weight. The average is around 32.5 ounces (making his bat a natural drop 2), but they ranged as low as 30.7 and as high as 33.8. The only real trend we notice is his more recent bats rarely come in under the 32.5 ounce weight. No where close to the like’s of Babe Ruth and David Winfield.

David Ortiz’s Best At Bat

David Ortiz's Bat

On June 11, 2006 at Fenway Park, the Red Sox played the Rangers in an inter-league game. At roughly 2:45pm the Red Sox looked beat. It was the bottom of the ninth. The Sox were down 2 to 4. Ortiz, the designated hitter that day sitting in the three spot, stood in the box. Akinori Otsuka, the Japanese transfer, and now closer, for the Texas Rangers, was on the mound. Starting the 9th inning, Otsuka forced a ground ball for the first out. His 2nd and 3rd hitters lined singles up the middle. The fourth hitter flied out to right field and the runners did not advance.

Otsuka would work the count to two balls and two strikes before getting Papi to foul off another pitch. With two strikes, two runners on, down by two in the bottom of the ninth, SABER metrics would portray the chances of the Red Sox winning at almost nil. Yet, on that final pitch of the game, Big Papi would drill an Otsuka heater into deep right and over the wall. A three run shot to walk it off. It would be the most significant game-changing at bat of his entire career.

David Ortiz Game Used Bats Info

David Ortiz's Bat

Ortiz’s game used bats are readily available on the market. Searches on ebay (like this) and Amazon (like this) usually turn up a few specimens. Ortiz’s long career offer a variety of gamers for any collector. His grip has changed from tar, to athletic tape, to Lizard Skin Grip. Massive ball marks can be found on good specimens, as Ortiz hits very hard. Boston Red Sox game used bats tend to be more expensive than his Twins’ days, but they are all very collectible.

David Ortiz Bat Sources

PSA’s Bat facts for David Ortiz were very helpful. Goldinauctions.com is always good for Ortiz sizing information on the particular models they auction. What Pros Wear had some limited information on Ortiz’s Marucci bat. Bidami, if you are up for some searching, is always good for some weight and model number information and they have plenty of David Ortiz Bat info. Also, we found some Ortiz rookie bats at Huggins and Scott auction house.

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