Dave Winfield’s Bat

At 6 foot 6, the remarkably athletic, Dave Winfield, twelve time All Star, was as imposing a hitter as the League has ever seen.  He could hit for power and run for triples. In the last 40 years, we found only two individuals who hit more than 400 home runs and over 80 triples. Those two: Ernie Banks and Dave Winfield. Unlike Ernie, who played for only the Cubs during his career, Dave played for six different teams, using a number of different bats. Below we document the information on Dave Winfield’s Bat.

Louisville Slugger 35.5 32.9, 33.3 Ash W285, W273, K55  75, 83, 86, 90, 91
Rawlings Adirondack 35.5 34.4 Ash DW20, 91, 92
Cooper  35.5 – 35.75 33 – 34.1 Ash CDW20 92 – 95

What Bat Did Dave Winfield Use?

Dave Winfield's Bat

The evidence supports Winfield using three different brands during his career. Within those brands, it appears he only tried different models with Louisville Slugger. Like Ozzie Smith and Mickey Mantle, he would swing the famed K55. Additionally, the W285 and W273 were signature series bats made for Winfield by Slugger.

Dave Winfield also swung a signature series custom bat from Rawlings with the Adirondack label DW20. Cooper Bats, popular with folks like Bo Jackson, also convinced Winfield to swing a custom series.

Dave Winfield’s Bat Size

Dave Winfield's Bat

Based on his stature, it’s no surprise Winfield used a relatively heavy bat when compared to his peers. Reggie Jackson would swing a 34+ occasionally, and Cal Ripken was often found with a 34 ounce bat, but Winfield lived there. Others used much lighter.

At 35.5 and 35.75 inch bats, Winfield’s are the largest we’ve captured in the modern era. Without surprise, as the only player ever drafted into four professional sports (NBA, NFL, ABA, MLB) Winfield happened to be remarkably strong. His 35+ inch bat with a 34+ ounce weight was heavy proof.

Game Used Dave Winfield Bats

Dave Winfield's Bat

Above is a collection of Winfield game used bats (also known as “gamers”) from 1993. Dave tinkered with different grips throughout his career. He either taped, shaved handle or Mota-Sticked the handle. During the 80’s, a long spiral pattern tape job was found on most his bats. Rarely would his uniform number be found on the knob. E-Bay often turns up Dave Winfield bats with a search like this.

Dave Winfield’s Historic At Bat

Dave Winfield's Bat

0 for 4 going into the 11th inning of the 6th game in the 1992 World Series, Dave Winfield would face Charlie Leibrandt. Runners on first and second with one out, Leibrandt, a 6 foot 3 lefty with 12 years under his belt, would work Dave Winfield to a full count.

To this point, Winfield’s series at the plate had been ho hum at best. 22 plate appearances yielded only 4 hits—none of them extra bases and none of them resulted in runs scored. He had walked twice and struck out three times, leaving his series batting stats well under his season averages. Leibrandt’s full count change up nearly fooled Winfield who would extend his 35 inch cooper bat as far as his 6 foot 6 inch frame could reach through the zone. At the end of his reach, he’d pull a heater down the third base line and into the corner. A stand up double with two RBI’s in the top of the 11th would be enough to give the Blue Jays their first World Series Championship.

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