Chipper Jones’ Bat

After conferring with several sources, and examining a slew of game time pictures, we have compiled information on Chipper Jones’s Bat. Those details, along with his best at bat and details on his game used bat characteristics, are found below.

Brand Length Min Length Max Weight Min Weight Max Model Type Years
Rawlings Adirondack 35 32.5 794A, MS20 Ash 2009
Louisville Slugger

Chipper Jones Bat

What Size Bat Did Chipper Jones Swing?

Chipper Jones Bat

From auction data, Chipper Jones’ bat is 35 inches and 32.5 ounces. There was not enough auction data to get a real feel for every bat he swung, but 35 inches and 32.5 ounces is a good start.

What Bat Model did Chipper Jones Use?

Chipper Jones Bat

We could not find a single image of Chipper Jones using anything but the Rawlings Adirondack. As a Mizuno swag guy, this was rather surprising. There are some claims he used Mizuno, Glomar, and Louisville Slugger occasionally. But, they were so occasional as to not appear in a single auction, or image of Jones at bat in a game.

Far and away, Chipper Jones’ preferred game model is the Rawlings Adirondack. The best we can tell is he preferred the MS20 from the left side of the plate and the 794A from the right.

Chipper Jones’ Game Used Bat Characteristics

Chipper Jones Bat

On most Chipper Jones’ Gamers, expect pine tar on the upper handle and his number (#10) written on the knob or end cup. Finding a Glamor, Slugger or Mizuno game used Jones bat would be very rare and we would be skeptical. As a switch hitter, expect ball marks on both sides of the barrel, although he often preferred one model over another for use on different sides of the plate.

Chipper Jones’ Best At Bat

Chipper Jones Bat

Chipper Jones’ most significant at-bat came on September 2, 2012. Playing the Phillies, Chipper faced Jonathan Papelbon down 5 to 7 at home in Atlanta. With a runner on 2nd and 3rd, Chipper and Papelbon would dance the count to 1 ball and 1 strike.

This would be Chipper’s third time facing Papelbon. The previous two at-bats didn’t end well for Jones—one strike-out and one ground out. With the Braves at two outs and a 99% Phillies win probability forecasted by baseball reference, things didn’t look good for Atlanta. Yet this time, on a 95 mile an hour fastball down the middle third of the plate, Chipper unleashed his 35 inch Rawlings Adirondack for a no-doubter over the right centerfield wall. A three-run shot to win the game 8-7 and send Papelbon walking off.

Chipper Jones’s Bat Sources

We checked Gold In Auctions for information on Chipper’s bat. As always, PSA bat facts was also wildly helpful in terms of images and insight. What Pros Wear had some useful information on Chipper Jones’ bat as well.

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