Cal Ripken’s Bat

Like most players of his era, Cal Ripken swung a number of different bats in his career. Most pictures show him using Louisville Slugger’s P72—a very popular bat which is now retired in Derek Jeter’s Bat name.

Brand Length Weight Type Model Number Years
Louisville Slugger 34 7/8 34.3  Ash M159  1981
Rawlings  Ash Adirondack
Louisville Slugger  35 34 Ash S188
Louisville Slugger 34  34.1  Ash P72 1989

Cal Ripken's Bat

You can search for some of his game used bat on eBay with a string like this. They range in the $2,000’s.

Cal Ripken Bat Sizes: Weight and Length

Cal Ripken's Bat

Cal Ripken’s bat size was the largest we’ve yet to find. In fact, if we understand the rules correctly, Ripken’s bat was the heaviest it could possibly be. Every bat we have identified as his came around 35 inches and 34+ ounces. A serious behemoth of a bat that only a few guys use as strength training BP Bats.

Cal Ripken Bat Models

Cal Ripken's Bat

By the end of his career, Ripken’s go to bat was Louisville Slugger’s P72. The P72 is the same bat Derek Jeter made famous, insomuch that Slugger retired the P72 when Jeter retired and changed its name to the DJ2.

As well, it is confirmed he used the M159 and S188 from Slugger occasionally. And, once in a blue moon, he swung Rawlings’ Adirondack Big Stick. All his bats were made of ash as was the custom during his playing days.

Cal Ripken Bat History

Cal Ripken's Bat

Ripken was protective of his gear and kept most of it. Those that can be found in the collector’s market are identified by cleat marks on the end of the bat. Those marks came from Ripken repeatedly hitting the bat on his cleats in between swings.

The number 8, written in the snowman fashion, is usually found on the barrel. In his earlier years, it was the number 5 on the barrels—his minor league number which was also a shout out to his boyhood hero, Brooks Robinson.

Ripken’s Most Memorable At Bat

For over 50 years, Lou Gherig, the “luckiest man alive”, held the record for the most consecutive games played. Cal Ripken, Jr would take that title from him on September 6th, 1995. With the Orioles up 2-1 in the bottom of the 4th, Ripken, batting in the 5-hole, stepped to the plate during his 2131 consecutive game. He had popped out to center field in the 2nd. Shawn Boskie, the starter for the California Angles that night, went down quickly with a 3-0 count. The next pitch was history. On a belt high fastball Ripken unloaded his Louisville @Sluggernation P72 and drove the ball 14 or 15 rows up over the left field fence.

Boskie would give up 3 home runs that night to Orioles players. None more memorable than Cal Ripken’s bomb.

Cal Ripken Bat Sources

We referenced a number of sources when writing this Cal Ripken’s Bat article. Many can be found with a simple Google search, but others were found elsewhere. Below are the ones we found most helpful.

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