Bryce Harper’s Bat

If you are wondering what bat Bryce Harper uses, it might be easier to consider the bats Bryce Harper has NOT used. Indeed, Harper has more bats as Johnny Lingo has cows.  We hesitate to say what he has been using more often than others recently because it’s likely to change in a matter of weeks. Many of his bats, models and specs are documented below. Also, the table below might be helpful for details on Bryce Harper’s bat.

Bryce Harper's Bat

2018 Home Run Derby Bat

Bryce Harper's Bat

Harper used a custom Victus model bat “We the People” for his 2018 Home Run Derby (that he won). You can buy the bat here for a very limited time.

Victus makes the Bryce Harper Bat he used to win the 2018 Home run Derby

Bryce Harper’s Exclusive All-Star Game Bat

Bryce Harper's All Star Game Bat

For 2017, Harper used a unique All-Star Game bat made from Rawlings. Of note, actually got the exclusive rights to the bat and the ability to sell a very limited number. Last we heard it was going to be less than 24 so it is likely they will sell out within hours. Probably worth checking out the link.

The bat, if you are wondering, is a BH220 31/32 inch drop 2 pure ash bat. It’s simple and understated which, we think, is the exact opposite of Bryce Harper.

What Bat Does Bryce Harper Use?

Louisville Slugger 33 – 34 32 – 33 Maple 113L, H238, S318, C243 2012
Marucci 34.25 32.5 Maple BH34, BH21, CU26, CU7, BH318, RC09, LOS15, MR24 2011 – 2016
Rawlings 34 31.5 Maple Big Stick – Bryce Harper
Chandlar  34 32  Maple AR 13.0, CU7D, JG30, YC52  2015
Victus 34  32  Maple BH 137.1 (V234)  2016
Sam Bat  Maple 2K1 2016
Tucci Lumber  34  32  Maple BHARP34

Bryce Harper’s Historic At Bat

Bryce Harper's Bat

In 2009, Bryce Harper stood in Tropicana Field as a 16 year old participating in the high school home run derby. The foot work on his swing is much different than it is today. Back then his front foot would turn away from the pitcher as his knee went up and back. His knee would kick and he’d hack at the ball like it was the zombie apocalypse.  To say the least, the approach was successful.

During this particular high school home run derby competition it worked. With a BESR certified 2008 DeMarini Voodoo, he’d crush the longest home run ever recorded at the stadium: 502 feet. The ball flew a full 30 feet further than Jose Conseco’s record set in 2000. It stands today as the most significant home run ever hit by a kid who just learned how to drive.

Bryce Harper’s Bat Specs: Size, Weight and Length

Bryce Harper's Bat

Harper’s bat length, regardless of brand, peaks around 34 inches. We did find some evidence of a few that came in at 34.25, but most were in the 33 to 34 inch range. As well, the weight of the bats across brand and models were fairly consistent. We never found a game used bat under 31 ounces or over 33 ounces.

As we mention above, Harper changes his bat so often, it is more than possible he has had at bats in his career outside of those specs. However, since they are the only we could find—and we found plenty—we’d guess his bat is most often a 34 inch 32 to 33 ounce stick.

Bryce Harper’s Bat Models

Bryce Harper's Bat

Bryce uses whatever bat model he wants. He’s used at least eight different models of Marucci, four from Slugger and Chandler and one from Rawlings, Tucci, Sam Bats and Rawlings. No doubt he has tried plenty more and will continue to take a variety of bats to the plate. All in all, he has used at least 20 different models in his career so far.

If you are looking for the best wood bats, then you may also find this best bat article useful.

He has also used other pro players’ bats like Yasiel Puig, Chase Utley and Giancarlos Stanton. We can only guess there are a number more.

Bryce Harper’s Bat Sources

We considered a number of sources when putting together collective information on the models and specs of Bryce Harper’s bat. There are likely another legit 20 or more than what we mention below, but they are a great start.

Bryce Harper PSA Facts: PSA holds a great repository on game used items. From many of those pictures we glean information found in the models section.

eBay Auctions: It is always plenty of fun to see current eBay auctions. Many of them seem suspect, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful.

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