Alex Rodriguez’s Bat

After extensive internet research, and a number of conversations with collectors, the following compiles all of Alex Rodriguez’s bat information. We looked for different sizes, models, types and brands as well as some unique history and identifying features. As well, we have linked the sources we relied upon to get the best information. Our hope is it creates the most comprehensive information on Alex Rodriguez’s bat.

Alex Rodriguez's Bat

Brand Length Weight Type Model Number Years
Louisville Slugger 34, 33.75 30.7, 31, 31.2, 31.3 Ash C271, C271L, I13 1994 – 2011
Louisville Slugger  Ash T141 1994 – 1995
Sam Bat 34 30.4 Maple AR13NY 2005
Louisville Slugger 34, 33.75 30.1, 30.2, 32.1, 32.5 G174 2003 – 2004
Louisville Slugger 33.75 30.6 C271 Ken Griffey 1996
Louisville Slugger Ash P72 2005
Cooper 34 31 Ash T141 1996

What Size is Alex Rodriguez’s Bat?

Alex Rodriguez's Bat

From his start date in 1994 to his last at bat in 2016, Alex’s bat sizes are remarkably similar. More so than nearly any other player we’ve studied. Few bats were different from his 34 inch, roughly 31 ounce, bat. 32.5 ounces is the heaviest bat we could locate and 30.1 was the lightest. Most sat in the 31 or 32 ounce range even across different brands.

What Bat Model did Alex Rodriguez Use?

Alex Rodriguez's Bat

Alex was mostly loyal to Louisville Slugger bats during his 22 year career. Within that brand he used a number of different models, although his favorites appeared to be the C271L and C271. He also used the P72 (Derek Jeter’s bat model), as well as Ken Griffey’s C271 when he was with the Mariners. We confirmed that for at least 2003 and 2004, he used a G174 model from Slugger, as well, a T141 and I13 sporadically .

We also know he used at least two other brands: A Cooper T141 in the mid-90’s (reminiscent of Bo Jackson’s bat) and a Maple Sam Bat AR13NY during the mid 2000’s (reminiscent of Barry Bonds’ bat).

Alex also signed a number of other model bats. A few Rawlings Big Sticks and an Old Hickory model both had his signature and were pro model bats, but the bats were not claimed to be game used.

What was Alex Rodriguez’s Best At Bat?

Alex Rodriguez's Bat

There is a serious case to make for a number of Rodriguez at-bats that could be his ‘best’, but the first month of A-Rod’s 2007 season was an absolute burner.  He hit 14 home runs that April, 6 of which came in multi home run games. No other was more significant in terms of changing the tide of a game than the season series opener against the Orioles.

Down 6 to 7, Alex stepped into the box with the count every kid preps for. It was the bottom of the 9th, there were two outs and, of course, the bases were loaded. Chris Ray, the Orioles’ closer worked two strikes on Rodriguez. The next pitch called for an outside fastball hoping to nick the black and send the Yanks packing. But the 95 mph fastball got away from Ray and shot to the top of Alex’s strike zone. Right. Down. The. Middle. With no hesitation, Rodriguez pulled the trigger and sent the ball deep and high. Ray would point upwards hoping to direct the center fielder in the mid-day sun. Alex knew it was gone. Some 420 feet later, just right of dead center, fell Alex’s first, and ever, Grand Slam walk off. Yankees win, 10-7.

Chris Ray would undergo Tommy John’s later that year and spend another 4 or 5 years as a journey man relief guy. Alex would go on to hit a total of 156 RBI’s that season—his personal best for one season in his career. No one has hit more RBI’s than A-Rod in a single season since.

Game Used Signs of Alex Rodriguez’s Bat

Alex Rodriguez's Bat

Alex Rodriguez’s bat’s are identified by large amounts of pine tar or Mota Stick on the handle. It is also common to find cleat marks along the barrel as well, as he would hit them against his cleats between pitches. While he didn’t write his number on most of his bats, he did work with a number of auction houses around his team’s local area to verify his bats and put them in the collector’s market. eBay searches like this can usually find a couple certified examples.

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