Aaron Judge’s Bat

Few hitters have entered the big league scene any better than the New York Yankee Aaron Judge. The guy flat out rakes as a rookie and currently holds the record for most home runs as a Yankee Rookie. Here we document Aaron Judge’s bat. And, assuming he changes every so often, we will update this page.

aaron Judge's Bat

 * Brand Length Weight Model Number Years
Aaron Judge Chandler 35 33 AJ44 2017
Aaron Judge Tucci 35 33 i13 2017
Aaron Judge Marucci 34 32 Pre-MLB

Aaron Judge’s Bat Model, Construction, Weight & Length

Aaron Judge's Bat

In his young career Aaron Judge has been pictured swinging three different bats. The first, and the more common, is the AJ44 from Chandler. This is a monster sized bat for a monsters sized human.

Second, earlier in his rookie season, he was seen using a 35 inch Tucci lumber bat. This was shaped like an i13 turn. Also, in his minor league days there are more than a few images of him floating around using a Marucci bat. It appears that when he made the switch to the bigs is about the time he made the switch to Tucci and Chandler.

Aaron Judge’s Bat Sources

Aaron Judge's Bat

If you are looking for information on real Aaron Judge game used bat information then the best place to look is Steiner Sports. Steiner, as in the name that owns the Yankees, also sells the used memorabilia of Yankee players. And, seeing that Judge is a Yankee player, the most accurate information will be found there.

Chandler Bat Overview

Aaron Judge's Bat

Chandler is a niche bat company that focuses on top end bats for MLB players. They do have some lines available for the public as well as some trainers and other gadget. The big gulp you’ll take from their site is the pricing. These bats are made impeccably, no doubt about it, but a $195 price point is hard to swallow for a bat that might break. And even less affordable if you are not under contract to hit bombs for several millions of dollars a year.

As if Aaron Judge every paid, or ever will pay, a dollar for a bat…

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