Whose MLB Baseball Bat You Looking For?

Here we keep tabs on most of the big time major league players and what bat they tend to use. See our similar presentation on highschool, big barrel and youth bats too.

MLB Baseball bats can be found below. As that data collection grows we compile or records in the following lists. Our intent is update this often. We gather much of our data from online auction houses as well as the bat reviews.

Ian Kinsler Bat

Ian Kinsler's Bat

Ian Kinsler’s bat is, these days, a Warstic. He owns part of the company (or something close to that). Warstic ...
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Bryce Harper’s Bat

Bryce Harper's Bat

If you are wondering what bat Bryce Harper uses, it might be easier to consider the bats Bryce Harper has ...
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Aaron Judge’s Bat

aaron Judge's Bat

Few hitters have entered the big league scene any better than the New York Yankee Aaron Judge. The guy flat ...
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Barry Bonds’ Bat

Barry Bonds' Bat

For much of his career, Barry Bonds used the Sam Bat’s pure maple bat. The bat is model number Sam ...
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Bo Jackson’s Bat

Bo Jackson's Bat

Bo Jackson’s way too short baseball career started in 1986 and ended in 1994. Throughout that time, he used no ...
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Pete Rose’s Bat

Pete Rose's Bat

We have searched far and wide for information on the type of bats Pete Rose used during his career. We ...
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Cal Ripken’s Bat

Cal Ripken's Bat

Like most players of his era, Cal Ripken swung a number of different bats in his career. Most pictures show ...
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Ozzie Smith’s Bat

Ozzie Smith's Bat

Known much more for his glove, Ozzie Smith’s bat gets too little pub. Yet he had almost 2,500 hits, over 1,200 ...
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Derek Jeter’s Bat

Derek Jeter's Bat

Derek Jeter’s Bat is the Louisville Slugger P72. It’s an ash bat with an open grain structure for an easy ...
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Mickey Mantle’s Bat

Mickey Mantle's Bat

Mickey Mantle’s bat details are as well documented as any player’s. Like most, he used a number of bats throughout ...
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Reggie Jackson’s Bat

Reggie Jackson's Bat

The strikeout king, as he is affectionately called, hit 563 home runs in his storied career. He also won 5 ...
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Jackie Robinson’s Bat

Jackie Robinson's Bat

What more can be written about Jackie Robinson? Nothing. The answer is nothing. We won’t pretend to add something. Instead, ...
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Dave Winfield’s Bat

Dave Winfield's Bat

At 6 foot 6, the remarkably athletic, Dave Winfield, twelve time All Star, was as imposing a hitter as the League ...
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Willie Mays’ Bat

Willy May's Bat

Willie Mays’ bat is as iconic a piece of sports memorabilia as we can imagine. Mays, known as “The Say Hey ...
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Alex Rodriguez’s Bat

Alex Rodriguez's Bat

After extensive internet research, and a number of conversations with collectors, the following compiles all of Alex Rodriguez’s bat information ...
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Chipper Jones’ Bat

Chipper Jones Bat

After conferring with several sources, and examining a slew of game time pictures, we have compiled information on Chipper Jones’s ...
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Ichiro Suzuki’s Bat

Ichiro Suzuki's Bat

In terms of size, type, model and brand, Ichiro Suzuki’s bat stands alone. His approach to hitting, and taking care ...
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George Brett’s Bat

George Brett's Bat

George Brett’s bat usually has consistent characteristics in terms of design, model, weight, length and game used marks. After considerable ...
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Honus Wagner’s Bat

Honus Wagner's Bat

Honus Wager, of baseball card fame, was also the first player to be endorsed by a bat company. Some argue ...
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Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Bat

Shoeless Joe Jackson's Bat

Adding any real information to the research of Shoeless Joe Jackson’s bat would be like adding a drop to the ...
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Carlos Santana’s Bat

Carlos Santana's Bat

After searching every imaginable place and exchanging emails with manufacturers, we gathered reliable information on the size and preferred model of ...
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Kris Bryant’s Bat

Krist Bryant's Bat

After reviewing every source imaginable, we discuss the sizes, models and makes of Kris Bryant’s bat, as well as his game ...
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Roberto Clemente’s Bat

Roberto Clemente's Bat

Despite his bat being deemed a rare find, Roberto Clemente’s bat details are found everywhere. No surprise, considering he may ...
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David Ortiz’s Bat

David Ortiz's Bat

The data below represents our attempt to gather all the information on the internet about David Ortiz’s bat through hours of online research, ...
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Hank Aaron’s Bat

Hank Aaron's Bat

After a few hours’ research finding information on Hank Aaron’s bat, we compile our data below. It includes the most ...
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Tony Gwynn’s Bat

Tony Gwynn's Bat

Tony Gwynn’s batting average is from another era. No player born after 1940, save him, has a .338+ lifetime average ...
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Rod Carew’s Bat

Rod Carew's Bat

A conversation on the best hitters of all time must include Rod Carew. With a .328 average and membership in ...
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Wade Boggs’ Bat

Wade Boggs Bat

We scoured the internet, checking auction houses, statistical references and a few grading sites for up to date information on ...
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Joe DiMaggio’s Bat

Joe DiMaggio's Bat

Considered one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game, Joe DiMaggio is likely best remembered for two things: ...
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Mark McGwire’s Bat

Mark McGwire's Bat

After several hours of research and exchanging emails with collectors, the following highlights sources and information on Mark McGwire’s bat ...
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Ted Williams’ Bat

Ted Williams Bat

Ted Williams’ bat provenances are well chronicled. As the arguable best hitter the game has ever seen, this is no ...
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Ty Cobb’s Bat

Ty Cobbs Bat

If you want to find a well documented and well researched bat, look no further than Ty Cobb. Considered by ...
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Ken Griffey Jr’s Bat

Ken Griffey Jr Bat

At 630 home runs over 22 years, Ken Griffey Jr. stands as one of the greatest hitters the game has ...
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Miguel Cabrera’s Bat

Miguel Cabrera's Bat

Many consider Miguel Cabrera the best hitter in the game. Although not a difficult case to make, we will refrain ...
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Dee Gordon’s Bat

Dee Gordon's Bat

Dee Gordon’s bat is rarely a topic of conversation. A player with less than 10 dingers in his career rarely ...
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Albert Pujols’ Bat

Alber Pujols' Bat

Of all the player bats we’ve studied, no one has used as many models as Albert Pujols. His exclusive use ...
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Lou Gehrig’s Bat

Lou Gherigs Bat

Lou Gehrig’s bat has been evaluated by many more resourceful individuals than write on this blog. Extensive coverage comes in part because Gehrig’s ...
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Babe Ruth’s Bat

Babe Ruth's Bat

Babe Ruth’s bat stands as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, piece of collectible sports memorabilia in the ...
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Mike Trout’s Bat

Mike Trout's Bat

As one of the most popular players in the Majors at the moment, Mike Trout’s bat has seen plenty of ...
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Major League Baseball Bats Brand Reviews

There are, as you might imagine, a number of wood bat manufacturers making bats for pro players. The players above use and used a range of bats from household names like Marucci and Louisville Slugger to more obscure bats like Cooper and Adirondack.

The internet has made it quite possible to deliver even more obscure wood bats to the masses. And, considering no bat manufacturer was able to patent trees or lathes,  then the ability to make high quality pro bats has become common place. In other words, there are a lot of wood bat manufacturers these days.

On croqueteer, we do not review wood bats in much detail. Instead, our goal is document what major players use for their bats and become a decent resource for those looking to do research. We leave wood bat reviews to our sister site justbatreviews.com.

Major League Baseball Glove Information

At one time this information was stored on justbatreviews. We also had information there on gloves, but have since moved that to a site called justglovereviews.com. We even keep track of the gloves that pros use in our What Glove Does page.

Looking for More Specific Reviews?