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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

The 2019 – 2021 Annual Report On

MLB Bats

and the players that use them

Last Updated June 15, 2021 by @BatDigest

We watched 450+ at-bats during each of the 2021, 2020, and 2019 seasons to see if we could better understand the usage rates of MLB Bat bat brands.

Specifically, we watched a random week within the season, opening day, the All-Star Games, and some playoff games. Here’s what we looked at:

  • What Wood Bat Brands MLB Players Use Most
  • The World Series Bat Usage Rates
  • What Brands Popular Players Tend to Use
  • How Many Different Brands Make it to the Plate

In this write-up, we share what we’ve discovered.

A Summary of Our Most Interesting Findings:

  1. For 2021 opening day, Marucci has 25% of the market. Slugger (18%), Victus (15%) and Old Hickory (10%) make up 2/3 of the entire MLB bat market.
  2. Marucci has led the market the last three years with 25% in 2021, 24% in 2020 and 29% in 2019.
  3. Victus, owned by Marucci, is behind Slugger for 2021–which is the 1st time we’ve seen that since tracking.
  4. Big movers between 2020 and 2021 are B45 Bats (up from 2% to 5%) and Victus who dropped from 18% to 15%. This is likely noise and not significant..
  5. 10% of the market is left to 16 different bat companies.
  6. Although there are at least 34 MLB-approved bat manufactures, 2021 showed 24 make it to the plate on opening day.
  7. In 2019, 24 different brands made it to the plate on the week we watched. For 2020, the number was 22.
  8. We say three companies we’ve never noticed before: SR Bats, Overfly and Birdman.
  9. Players don’t change bats and brands often, but enough do that observing only one plate appearance each year will skew the numbers
  10. There is no particular trend among famous, popular, or good hitters in relation to the bat brand they use. The top echelon of players has a breakdown of bat usage like the general population.

Most Used Bat in MLB

2021 Opening Day MLB Bats

We watched every opening day game for 2021, saw the bat, and documented it on our sources spreadsheet.

This chart represents what we found by way of total market share.

# Brand Plate Share
1 Marucci 25.88%
2 Louisville Slugger 18.04
3 Victus 15.29
4 Old Hickory 10.2%
5 Chandler 9.41%
6 B45 4.31%
7 Rawlings 3.14%
8 Tucci 2.75%
9 Sam Bat 1.18%
9 Homewood Bats 1.18%
9 Max Bats 1.18%
9 Dove Tail Bats 1.18%
13 BWP 0.78%
13 SSK 0.78%
13 Trinity 0.78%
13 Zinger 0.78%
17 Asics 0.39%
17 Birdman 0.39%
17 Dinger 0.39%
17 Mizuno 0.39%
17 Overfly 0.39%
17 SR 0.39%
17 Tater 0.39%
17 Warstic 0.39%

2020 Opening Day MLB Bats

We watched every opening day 2020 game on July 23rd and 24th.

We also tracked what bats the starters used.

This graph represents what MLB Bats players used on opening day for 2021.

Most Used MLB Bat by Percentage Share on Opening Day

We also put that data into a table. Here are the results of bat brands as seen at the plate by rank and percentage.

Most Used MLB Bat by Percentage Share on Opening Day

# Brand Plate Share
1 Marucci 23.70%
2 Victus 19.26%
3 Slugger 16.67
4 Old Hickory 10.74%
5 Chandler 9.26%
6 Sam Bat 4.07%
7 Rawlings 2.59%
8 Tucci 2.22%
9 Max Bats 1.85%
9 Trinity 1.85%
11 Dove Tail Bats 1.48%
11 B45 1.48%
13 Asics 0.74%
13 Mizuno 0.74%
13 SSK 0.74%
13 Warstic 0.74%
17 Axe 0.37%
17 BWP 0.37%
17 Cooperstown Bats 0.37%
17 Dinger 0.37%
17 Valma 0.37%
17 Zinger 0.37%

2019 Regular Season Bats

During the 2019 regular season (a week in September) we measured bat usage by brand.

Here is what we found:

Marucci (28.83%) is the most common bat brand in MLB. Followed by Victus (18.36%), Louisville Slugger (13.67%), and Old Hickory (11.33%). Sam Bat, Chandler, and Rawlings are all between 5% and 10% market share.

Here’s the data above in table form.

# Brand Plate Share
1 Marucci 28.83%
2 Victus 18.36%
3 Slugger 13.67
4 Old Hickory 11.33%
5 Chandler 5.47%
6 Sam Bat 6.44%
7 Rawlings 5.08%
8 Tucci 3.88%
9 B45 3.13%
10 Warstic 1.11%
10 Homewood 1.11%
12 B45 0.74%
12 Zinger 0.74%
12 SSK 0.74%
15 Asics 0.37%
15 Axe 0.37%
15 BWP 0.37%
15 Cooperstown Bats 0.37%
15 Dove Tail Bats 0.37%
15 Dinger Bats 0.37%
15 DTB 0.37%
15 Dinger 0.37%
15 Max Bats 0.37%
15 Valma 0.37%

2020 World Series Bats

We tracked the bats through the top of the order during game 5 in the 2020 World Series.

By brand, here is what we found.

2020 World Series Usage Rank

# Brand Plate Share
1 Victus 29.4%
2 Marucci 23.5%
2 Slugger 23.5%
4 Chandler 5.8%
4 Max Bats 5.8%
4 Sam Bat 5.8%
4 Trinity 5.8%

Winners: Dodgers Bats

Starting Order Player Brand
1 Mookie Bets Victus
2 Cory Seager Trinity
3 Justin Turner Slugger
4 Max Muncy Max Bats
5 Will Smith Slugger
6 Cody Bellinger Slugger
7 Chris Taylor Victus
8 Joc Pderson Sam Bat
9 Austin Barnes Marucci

Runners Up: Rays Bats

Starting Order Player Brand
1 Yandy Diaz Marucci
2 Randy Arozarena Chandler
3 Brandon Lowe Marucci
4 Manuel Margot Victus
5 Hunter Renfroe Slugger
6 Joey Wendle Victus
7 Willy Adames Victus
8 Kevin Kiermaier Marucci
9 Mike Zunino Rawlings

2019 All Star Game

We also took the starting 18 from the 2019 MLB All-Star Game.

Here is a chart, consisting of brands, showing their bat usage.

National League vs American League 2019

National League MLB Bat Usage

We also broke down Major League Bat usage by league. Some notes:

  • Marucci dominates the National League
  • More than half the 3rd baseman in the National League uses a Marucci.
  • Slugger has the 2nd most bats in the Nationa League

What kind of bats do MLB Player Use

American League MLB Bat Usage

We broke down MLB bat usage by the American League too. Some notes:

  • Some teams, like the Angels, swing 8 different brands from their 9 different players.
  • We can’t find any team that swings less than 4 different brands.
  • There are 135 hitters here and we counted the starting designated hitter for each team.

What kind of bats do MLB Player Use

MLB Baseball Bat Brands

Last we counted, there are at least 34 MLB bat
approved by the MLB. Wood bat companies are approved by the MLB and then each
is put on a list given to clubhouse managers. There is no official document and a wood bat
company can be added at any time.

If you know of additional brands that are approved, please let us know in the comments section.

Approved MLB Bat Manufacturers

MLB Baseball Bats
Asics Wood Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Axe Wood Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
B45 Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Baum Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Bird Man Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
BWP Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Chandler Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Cooperstown Bat
MLB Baseball Bats
DeMarini D110 Pro Maple Composite Wood
MLB Baseball Bats
Dinger Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Dove Tail Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Great Lakes Bat Co.
MLB Baseball Bats
Home Town Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Louisville Slugger Prime
MLB Baseball Bats
Mark Lumber
MLB Baseball Bats
Marucci Wood Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Max Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Old Hickory
MLB Baseball Bats
OTW Bat Co.
MLB Baseball Bats
Phoenix Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Rawlings Wood Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Sam Bat
MLB Baseball Bats
Show Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
SR Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Trinity Bat Co.
MLB Baseball Bats
Tucci Lumber
MLB Baseball Bats
Veteran Bat Company
MLB Baseball Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Viper Bats
MLB Baseball Bats
Zinger Bat Company

Here is a text list of MLB Baseball Bats

  • Asics
  • Axe Bats
  • B45 Bats
  • Baum Bat
  • BirdMan Bats
  • BWP Bats
  • Chandler
  • Cooperstown Bats
  • Dinger Bats
  • DeMarini Bats
  • Dove Tail Bats
  • Great Lakes Bats
  • Hometown Bats
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Mark Lumber
  • Marucci
  • Max Bats
  • Mizuno Bats
  • Old Hickory
  • OTW Bats
  • Overfly
  • Phoenix Bats
  • Rawlings
  • Sam Bat
  • Show Bats
  • SSK
  • SR Bats
  • Tater Bats
  • Trinity
  • Tucci
  • Veterans Bats
  • Victus
  • Viper Bats
  • Zinger Bats

MLB Player Bats

Q: What Bats do MLB Players Use?

MLB Players use wood bats made mainly from Maple. In years past Ash was more popular. But, today, over 95% of MLB Baseball players use maple wood bats.

Barry Bonds Bat

Barry Bonds Bat

Sam Bat, Barry Bond’s choice, is a maple bat company out of Canada. They have decent penetration in the MLB market.

Barry Bonds made Sam Bats famous. He was the first to really commit to a full-on maple wood bat in the majors. Most, at the time, were using Ash bats. Today, over 90% of MLB bats at the plate are made from maple. They can thank Barry Bonds and Sam bat. Game-Used models of Barry Bonds have a size range of 34-inches and 31/33-ounces.

Barry Bonds Bat

Barry Bonds bat is a maple wood bat from Sam Bats. In his younger days, he often used Slugger. But, once he switched the full-on maple from Sam Bat, he never looked back.

Bo Jacksons Bat

Bo Jacksons Bat

Bo’s go-to bat for most of his career was a Lousiville Slugger with a B016L, B310 or J93 model. The bat’s we most often natural finish. As was common for the era, most bats during Bo’s career were ash.

Bo Jackson’s bat is almost always Louisville Slugger. On the off occasion he would not use Slugger, in the early part of his career, it appears he always used Cooper. Most of his game use bats sized out at 35-inch and 32-ounces.

Bo Jacksons Bat

Earlier in his year, Bo Jackson used a bat brand called Cooper. He also wore their wrist bands for most of his career.

Bryce Harpers Bat

Bryce Harpers Bat

On opening day 2020, Bryce Harper looks at his Chandler bat before getting to the plate. Notice the white barrel, black handle and, if you look close enough, a Pro Hitter on his top thumb.

Bryce Harper most often uses either Victus or Chandler bats. The bats are most often 34-inches and weigh between 33 and 34 ounces. That said, Harper is known to try all types of bats too. He’s used Axe, Marucci, and a few teammates bats occasionally. For 2020, he appeared to prefer bats with a darker handle and white barrel. These are maple bats built for the best.

Bryce Harpers Bat

Bryce Harper’s Bat: a Victus with a white and black handle.

George Brett’s Bat

George Brett’s Bat

Early in his career, George Brett used a Louisville Slugger natural ash wood bat. He often used a model called the B351

George Brett’s Bat is a Slugger. Always has been. Most of his game-used models were in the 33-inch and 30-ounce range. It is very hard to find a George Brett Bat that is anything but natural finished Ashwood from Louisville Slugger.

George Brett’s Bat

Brett also loved pine tar. One of his most memorable moments is because he had too much pine tar on a bat.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Bat

Giancarlo Stanton’s Bat

Giancarlo Stanton’s Bat is a 34-inch Marucci maple. He has a custom version of the bat with a very flared knob. In fact, it’s hard to say it even has a knob. The bat is referred to as the G27 from Marucci.

Giancarlo Stanton uses a 34-inch bat that weighs, about 32.5 ounces. He is also very much a Marucci user. The Marucci bat he uses is most often black with gold or silver lettering.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Bat

During the playoffs of the 2020 seasion, Stanton still used a full black Marucci G27. Hard to say if he used anything else during the year. But, he used the same model and color scheme bat to start and end the year.

Honus Wagners Bat

Honus Wagners Bat

Honus Wagner used a huge Louisville Slugger bat. Upwards of 34 inches and 36 to 39 ounces.

Back when there was pretty much a single wood bat brand, Honus Wagner used a Louisville Slugger. Honus used a monster-sized bat. His game used bats, we found up for auction, ranged anywhere from 33.5 to 35 inches and about 39 ounces.

Honus Wagners Bat

Slugger bats color schemes were pretty straight forward back then. But, Honus did have some design to his with a type of logo on the front of some of his Slugger bats. Some were darker than others, but the bats we’re pretty straight forward.

Ken Griffey Jrs Bat

Ken Griffey Jrs Bat

Ken Griffey’s bat during the all-star game was always the Louisville Slugger in, usually, a C271.

Ken Griffey Jrs Bat was, most often, a C271 in a Lousiville Slugger. He liked all black with a white grip tape zig-zag pattern on the handle. Most of his game used bats were 34/31 with a few measured at 33.75/31.0.

Ken Griffey Jrs Bat

Ken Griffey liked pine tar. He also loved his athletic tape wrap in a criss-cross design. He was one of the first big league guys to put that sort of detail in his bat.

Kris Bryant’s Bat

Kris Bryant’s Bat

Kris Bryant’s Bat is a 34/31 Chandler maple Wood bat. Personally engraved and a customized turn of KB17 are found on most his sticks.

Kris Bryant’s bat is from Chandler. He uses a KB17 model that is 34-inches and around 31-ounces. He has some Victus game-used models floating around. But, for the 2020 season, it does not appear he used anything but Chandler. Although, again, we don’t watch every at-bat, just many.

Kris Bryant’s Bat

He likes the Gold Chalder logo on a black color base bat. But, often, he also has a natural wood color and a two-tone occasionally too.

Mike Trout’s Bat

Mike Trout’s Bat

Opening day 2020, Mike Trout uses his trusty Old Hickory Maple. He preferred the black barrel and white handle in 2020.

Mike Trout’s Bat is an Old Hickory. He uses a 33.5 drop 1—meaning the bat weighs 32.5 ounces. It’s been quite a while since he’s used anything else. For 2020, he liked the black barrel and white handle more than the pure white one.

Mike Trout’s Bat

We didn’t see the pure white maple for Trout in 2020 very much. But, occasionally he’ll break out this pure white version of the 2020 Old Hickory.

Ozzie Smith’s Bat

Ozzie Smith’s Bat

Ozzie liked long Louisville Slugger Ash baseball bats.

Some of Ozzie Smith’s bats were 35 inches long and weighed around 32.5 ounces. Most of the auctions of these bats have them listed around 35 inches. He liked Ash bats and we can’t find him using anything that was but a Louisville Slugger. He tried a handful of models like the 27, R161 and S327.

Ozzie Smith’s Bat

Ozzie Smith used a number of models but always used a Louisville Slugger.

Reggie Jacksons Bat

Reggie Jacksons Bat

The Rawlings Adirondack is a legend. We’d love to see Rawlings push that guy back in the majors. In any event, it was the go to for Reggie Jackson.

Reggie Jackson’s Bat is a Rawlings Adirondack with a 35-inch length and 32-ounce weight. It’s a monster bat for a monster hitter. He liked a big bat and was one of a few that swung Rawlings during his era.

Reggie Jacksons Bat

Every game used Rawlings Reggie Jackson Adirondack we could find is a huge 35-inch and 32-ounce big boy bat.

MLB Bat Sources

We track our data with our MLBtv Account. We watch each at-bat and take a screenshot. You can see and confirm each of those images here. We then move that data to a spreadsheet where totals and averages are tabulated. You can access that datasheet here.

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