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Best Gloves >>> Wilson 1786 A2K Review

Wilson A2K 1786 Review

The Wilson A2K baseball glove is a high-quality glove known for its triple-sorted Pro Stock Select leather, considered the most flawless glove leather available. These gloves are hand-shaped three times longer than other gloves by expert craftsmen, resulting in an easy break-in and long-lasting shape. The A2K also has Double Palm Construction, which provides a pillowy feel, a stable pocket, and Rolled Dual Welting to help the glove hold its shape longer. The A2K 1786 lineup is a middle infield glove that a smaller third baseman can use. The glove has the option for 'Super Skin.' This synthetic material is half the weight of leather but twice as durable and moisture-resistant. Wilson baseball gloves are hand-built to uncompromising quality standards to help athletes improve their game.

Pros: Beautiful, fits great, last a lifetime, best design for infield and middle infield especially.
Cons: Expensive, probably not better than the A2000, which is cheaper and hard to break-in.


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Series: A2K
  • Model: 1786
  • Positions: Infield
  • Age: 10 - Adult
  • Size: 11.5“
  • Web: H-Web
  • Grade: 4.8/5

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