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Best Gloves >>> Wilson 1786 A2000 Review

Wilson A2000 1786 Review

The Wilson 1786 A2000 is a high-quality baseball glove used at every level of the sport. It is made with Wilson's patented A2000 leather, which is known for its durability and ability to retain its shape over time. The glove also features a double palm construction, which helps to stabilize the pocket and improve the glove's overall structure.

We are huge fans, as most are. This is the most popular pattern in the most popular glove from the most popular company. It works for all ages, from serious younger players to adult professional players. It's a smaller glove so it works well with all infield as a younger player and middle infield as you get older. It's the best glove running.

It comes in a 11.5-inch H-Web with multiple colors and material lines you can read about below.

Pros: Beautiful, well made, all ages, trusted, popular, durable.
Cons: Hard to break in, and expensive.


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Series: A2000
  • Model: 1786
  • Positions: Infield
  • Age: 10 - Adult
  • Size: 11.5“
  • Web: H-Web
  • Grade: 5/5

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