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2020 Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Review

In June of 2019, Slugger released the Louisville Slugger LXT 2020. It comes with many of the same great features (even all of them) as the 2019 version. The Louisville Slugger LXT for 2020 review, ratings and places to buy are below.

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2020 LXT Models

Models Overview

The 2020 LXT is built with a light swing and a long barrel. It’s made for that top of the lineup hitter or the girl working her way up from the bottom who needs as much bat speed as possible. It’s a world-class bat that’s proven time and time again it produces ball exit speeds with the best of them.

General Recommendations

The 2020 Slugger LXT has so many sizing options that it is recommendable for every age group and every level except for the only slightly serious rec type player. Those in the market and are willing to afford it, no matter their level of play, should take a close look at the 2020 LXT. If you like a light to balanced swing, a smooth smash on impact, and a big sweet spot, then the LXT is a legitimate option.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Light swinging two-piece composite fastpitch bats are plentiful. You can find one in an Easton Ghost, Mizuno F19 Carbon, DeMarini CF Zen, and a Slugger XENO. As such, the odds of getting a similar bat with a different brand or within the same brand are good.

If you really wanted a similar feeling bat, then we’d suggest the XENO. If you want to avoid Slugger for whatever reason, then go for the Mizuno F20 Carbon.

Previous Bats

Compared to the bat’s 2019 version, Slugger changed the inner ring design from two to one. In theory, this expands the sweet spot of the bat and helps lower the swing weight a bit. They refer to this single ring technology as PBF.

Other than that change, expect the same VCX connection piece found on just about all of Slugger’s top end bats. The end cap is the same as last year’s.

We have a hard time believing anything can be that much better than the 2018 or 2019 versions of the LXT. So far, the 2020 version has proven worthy of the LXT name. We expect it to be with the others. But, if we were forced to buy one or the other (and the older model was cheaper), we’d go for 2019 as long as it saved us a few bucks.


As we stated above, the only difference between this bat and the 2019 version is the single disk tech in the 2020 version versus a two-disk tech in 2019. Otherwise, same same.

  • BARREL: Full Composite with patented single disk – PBF Technology™ for maximum pop, a huge sweet spot, and unbelievable sound on contact.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Three-piece design featuring VCX™ Vibration Control Connection System – a patented elastomeric connection that allows independent movement between the barrel and the handle to control vibration and provide unmatched feel on contact.
  • SWING WEIGHT – Balanced swing weight for extreme control and maximum swing speed.
  • END CAP: Ultra-lightweight X-Cap™ design for improved speed and control at the plate.
  • GRIP: Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™ with increased tack for better feel and more control.