DeMarini 2015 CF5 Fastpitch Review

Overall a great bat designed for collegiate players looking to add some pop to their bats without having to look for heavier bats and potentially sacrifice their bat speed.

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2015 CF5 Models

Models Overview

The 2013 DeMarini CF5 Fastpitch Softball Bat is one of the more dominant bats across high school, college and 18U players right now. It’s got some of the more technologically advanced features on the market and gives players overwhelming advantages over those who don’t use it. Some of the features it comes with are:

General Recommendations

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Reviews By Model


  • Tri Strut TR3 Composite Barrel – This TR3 technology allows the bat longer durability, stability, bat speed, bat control and improves ball launch speeds at contact. This triangular formation on the molecular level offers support and bat strength without adding the unnecessary weight that it would otherwise need.
  • Stacked Barrel Construction – Three independent walls gives the ball a “trampoline” effect at contact. This adds to the aforementioned ball launching speed and is great for any hitter looking for lighter bats who also allow them to power up their swing without having to sacrifice bat speed.
  • Tri Strut TR3 Handle- Arguably the tightest and strongest bat handle DeMarini has manufactured up to date and with good reason. With the triangular molecular foundation as mentioned before, this bat handle allows for the flexibility needed to launch balls over the fence but also the strength to provide players with a fantastic grip.
  • Clutch 2 Endcap – This dual density cap is implemented to allow players to have a better feel and comfort at contact by giving the ball a dampening effect when it meets the barrel. This technology greatly reduces vibration and sting which may cause discomfort to some.