2023 Rawlings Mantra+ (Plus) Fastpitch Review

If you want a bat that isn’t the Easton Ghost, DeMarini CF or Prism, or the Slugger LXT, then the Mantra+ (plus) might be the one for you. Compared to the Mantra (2022) and Mantra 2.0 (2023), the 2023 Mantra+ is designed to improve comfort with its double barrel design where the outside barrel gets maximum pop on slower swing and pitch speed while the inner barrel creates durability and governance for big hitters and top end pitching.

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Models Overview

The Mantra+ is an all-composite fastpitch bat that offers power hitters more power, consistency, and a smoother feel when compared to the Mantra and Mantra 2.0. It’s connection is stiffer and it’s swing weight is more in line with heavier swinging bats like the Easton Ghost Unlmited than it is the light swinging/balanced version of the Mantra. The bat is the latest addition to Rawlings’ Mantra Series and is highlighted by the Oklahoma Sooners’ dominant performance and championship run at the 2022 NCAA Women’s College World Series.

General Recommendations

More advanced hitters will likely prefer this bat over the Mantra 2.0. It’s built with comfort in mind and a stiffer connection piece. The Mantra+ has a balanced/mid-load swing feel, and the handle is wrapped with a Lizard Skin Bat Grip for improved feel and control.

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Comparable Bats

The Mantra+ is built, we believe, to compete directly with the Eaton Ghost line of bats (that are very, very popular). It’s a bit of a heavier swing weight, a huge barrel and a similar sound. But, any two-piece composite with the right drop can compete with this bat, so look, possibly, at a heavier version of the Prism+ from DeMarini or LXT from slugger to get started in bat comparisons.

Previous Bats

The Mantra+ (plus) is a new line of bat this year, tailored towards bigger hitters with a stiffer barrel and more feedback in the hands. There isn’t a previous version of the bat, but it is built off the 2022 Mantra.


The 2023 Rawlings Mantra Plus+ -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat has been designed to improve both comfort and power at the plate. The bat features a refined version of the Mantra’s three-step barrel design, with the inner barrel engineered with hyper-precision molding to increase performance on every swing. The outer barrel features layers of impact-toughened resin that optimizes wall thickness throughout the barrel and lowers compression.

The Mantra+ also features Rawlings’ new PowerSync connection joint that transfers the energy from your swing directly to the barrel, as well as improves the feel on mishits and reduces vibration. The addition of PowerSync allows the handle, collar, and barrel to be fused at this stiff connection joint, increasing the bat’s durability. The knob is also built to hold a Blast Motion Sensor in it, which allows you to analyze your swing and improve your performance at the plate.