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2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 Review

By Bat Digest | Last Updated February 23, 2023

The 2023 Rawlings Mantra is a two-piece composite bat with a big barrel and light swing. It’s a drop ten and drops nine bats that come with a new handle design for a bit more durability when compared to the 2021 Mantra, which has just about the same design. Expect a light swing and excellent performance from the 2023 Mantra 2.0.

Price Check

2023 Mantra 2.0 Video

2023 Mantra 2.0 Video

Note: Bats and models denoted with an asterisks (*) are still in progress. Current rating reflects our best estimate. Expect updates.

2023 Mantra 2.0 Models

Our batters prefer the Rawlings Mantra for its large barrel, impressive tactile feedback, and resonant sound. For high school teams, the drop 10 model works well for lead-off hitters or the 3/4 spot on travel teams with fewer players. More powerful hitters may prefer the Easton Ghost, which offers greater force, but the drop 9 model in longer sizes provides sufficient impact. Additionally, players appreciated the smooth feel and the inclusion of a slot for the diamond kinetics sensor.

Fastpitch –10
Fastpitch –9

General Recomendations

The fastpitch bat space is ridiculously competitive. It is difficult to tell any functional difference between the different brands and models as most are lighter swinging, big-barreled two-piece composite bats with a moderately flexible connecting piece. That said, the unique feature on the Rawlings Mantra is the slot for the DK sensor–if you want/need that, then it’s a great pick. Otherwise, the LXT at $20 less is attractive. Still, if you don’t want the LXT and don’t want the heavy and short-lived swing of the Eaton Ghost, then the Rawlings Mantra looks better than all of them.

Model Recommendations


Fastpitch Drop 10 Review

Mantra Fastpitch Drop 10 Ratings (key)
2 5 3 2 4 3 5 5 5 4
MOI Tech Drb Flx Prof ReSl PlaRa ExVe Relv Dmnd

The 2021 Rawlings Mantra drop 10 is a two piece composite bat with a light swing, big barrel and a knob built to hold a Diamond Kinetics sensor---a first of its kind. The bat is built for the hitter who doesn't like swing weight, can bunt, slap and hit and likes the best Rawlings can offer.
Sizing: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34-inch
Release Date: October 20, 2023
Serial: RFP3M10
Bat Type: Two Piece Composite
Barrel Size: 2 1/4
Similar Drop 10 Fastpitch Bats

Fastpitch Drop 9 Review

Mantra 2.0 Fastpitch Drop 9 Ratings (key)
2 5 3 3 4 3 5 5 3 4
MOI Tech Drb Flx Prof ReSl PlaRa ExVe Relv Dmnd

The 2023 Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch bat in drop 9 is designed for collegiate-level players and those with strong hitting power. Like its drop ten counterpart, it features an extensive barrel profile, but with a complete redesign from the 2020 Quatro Pro. Additionally, its knob is specially built to hold a Diamond Kinetics Sensor, providing unique swing analysis capabilities for those who want to take their game to the next level.
Sizing: 33, 34-inch
Release Date: October 1, 2022
Serial: RFP3M9
Bat Type: Two Piece Composite
Barrel Size: 2 1/4

Comparable Bats

In our assessment, the 2023 DeMarini Prism+ appears to be the closest match to the 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0. Both bats are priced similarly, have the same drop, and boast premium features that aim to surpass their predecessors, the LXT and Mantra (1.0).

Previous Models

The fastpitch bat market is highly competitive, with numerous brands and models available. Most of these bats are similar, featuring lightweight construction, big barrels, and flexible connecting pieces. Therefore, it can be challenging to differentiate between them based on functionality. However, the Rawlings Mantra 2.0 stands out with its singular unique feature: a slot for the Blast Motion sensor. If this feature is what you need, then the 2023 Mantra 2.0 is an excellent choice. Otherwise, the 2022 LXT is an attractive option, priced at $20 less.


Like other premium fastpitch bats, the 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 is a two-piece composite bat featuring a large barrel and lightweight swing. What sets it apart is incorporating the first-ever fastpitch knob designed for a Blast Motion attachment. The Mantra’s 2.0 barrel design improves upon that of the Quatro (2020) and Mantra (2021) by utilizing a “multi-step” inner barrel instead of the floating inner barrel present in its predecessor. Additionally, the Mantra features new lizard skin grips, a new end cap, and a redesigned connection piece.

Marketing Writeup

The Mantra bat is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, using premium materials and boasting a revolutionary 3-step inner barrel design for maximum performance. The outer barrel is 15% thinner than the original Mantra. Additionally, the F2 Collar eliminates barrel drag, and the Ultra Light end cap provides a superior feel. Players who use the Mantra bat can achieve a fast, powerful, and smooth swing. The Lizard Skins grip on this fastpitch bat also delivers maximum tack and comfort, reducing sting on every contact.

The innovative design of the Mantra bat also includes Blast Motion sensor-enabled knobs. It is the first bat approved for in-game use with a Blast Motion swing analysis sensor. By simply twisting the sensor into the knob, players gain valuable insights to improve their swing.

Overall Ratings

The overall rating uses seven different weighted metrics to determine our overall score. Half of total rating comes from the player and our exit speed tests (Player Rating: 25%, Performance: 25%).The other categories are Relevance (20%), Demand (10%), Durability (10%), Resell Score (5%), and Tech Specs (5%).

*: When a bat is denoted by a star (*) it is a preliminary rating. Expect it to be updated as we learn more about the bat and gather more data.

(PlaRa) Player Rating: We measure player rating from user reviews. Those users include our own hitters that we test at the lab as well as reviews we find online.

(ExVe) Performance: Performance measures the exit speeds and distances we capture in our hitting lab with HitTrax using these bats.

(Relv) Relevance: We measure the number of sizes and the MOI of the bat. Bats with a wider range of options get a better score.

(Dmnd) Demand: Demand is measured by consumer sentiment and the buzz around the bat.

(Drb) Durability: A bat’s durability is measured by user reviews as well as feedback from manufacturers.

(ReSl) Resell Score: Based on the price the bats go for used. Higher prices mean greater user demand which means, generally, a better bat. A resell value closer to its original price means a higher score.

(Tech) Tech Specs: We rate the bat on its technological advancements from previous years and compared to the industry at large. This is our chance to reward companies who are trying to innovate.
MOI or Mass Moment of Inertia is a measurement of bat swing weight. This quantifies how difficult it is to swing a bat. The industry often refers to this as things like End Load or Balanced but those words have been overused to the point of meaninglessness. We measure the actual swing weights of each bat we test using the industry-standard pendulum period, balance point, and scale weight. You can read more about that here.
The price is the original MSRP price of the bat.
The types of bats are single-piece alloy (SPA), two-piece composite (TPC), single-piece composite (SPC), hybrid (Hyb.), and wood (Wood). Hybrid bats are made of composite handles and alloy barrles.
The estimated date the bat began distribution.

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