Ghost Unlimited

2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Bat Review

The 2023 Easton Ghost unlimited is a highly popular bat new to Easton’s dominant Ghost line. The bat is a single-piece composite that uses a locking system between the barrels and a unique process that increases the barrel length considerably. So far, the bat has been trendy, to say the least. It tops our charts week in and week out and feels destined for our best fastpitch bats. It’s possible this version of the Ghost packs the punch we’ve come to love but solves some of the durability issues found in the two-piece versions.

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2023 Ghost Unlimited Models

Models Overview

The drops 10, 9, and 8 come in a wide range of lengths. The drop 10 is the most popular and highest-rated. The bat is recommendable across the board.

General Recommendations

Generally, we think the drop 10 is an excellent bat for anyone who wants the best the game has to offer. It is hot out of the wrapper and provides the best punch in the game. If the bat’s durability issues can be solved with this one-piece double barrel design, it might become even more dominant than the Ghost Advanced. We think it’s worth the bet if you’re in the market for the best the game has to offer.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

It’s hard to find single-piece composite bats in the fastpitch game. In that sense, there are very few comparable bats. However, in terms of performance, feel and curb appeal, bats like the LXT from Slugger as well as previous versions of the Easton Ghost Advanced can compare nicely.

Previous Bats

There has not been a single-piece double-walled Ghost bat from Easton. So, this 2023 version is the first of its kind. You can look for a similar barrel performance in bats like the 2022 Easton Ghost Advanced. Although a two-piece bat, it has a similar feel and vibe to this new 2023 single piece.


The 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited is a double-barrel bat that uses a composite barrel design for a long barrel. This end cap has a lot of give for a natural bounce toward the length of the barrel. The Unlimited also has the soft knob Easton refers to as the Power Boost and an exciting connection system between the two barrels that make for a great sound and good feel.