2023 DeMarini Whisper Bat Review

The 2023 DeMarini Whisper is a two-piece composite fastpitch bat built with double-walled and huge barrel, light swing and top-end performance. It is DeMarini’s new flagship fastpitch bat and, we believe, attempts to replace the CF in the coming years and really attempts to take market share from Easton’s Ghost.

2023 Whisper Models

Models Overview

If you like a light swing and a big barrel, then the 2023 DeMarini Whisper could be your right bat. It’s the biggest drawback of how expensive it is. At $450, it’s one of the most costly fastpitch bats on the market. In any case, it’s built for the player who spares no expense in getting what DeMarini claims is the best they can offer.

General Recommendations

The Whisper comes in a drop 10, 9, and 8. The drop 10 comes in a 31 through 34, the drop 9 in a 32 through 34, and a drop 8 in the 33 and 34-inch. Our favorite and most applicable bat is the drop 10, although we think the drop 9 could work well for many hitters.

Consider, too, the double wall construction. Like the Easton Ghost, the Whisper uses two barrels. The outer barrel has a lot of trampolines, and the inner barrel governs the performance to meet the standards. As such, smaller-statured hitters that don’t swing too hard, and don’t compress the barrel as much, can still get great pop.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Comparable bats are two-piece composite with a big barrel, light swing, and great feel on all hits. That includes about every serious fastpitch bat we can think of. DeMarini’s Prism+, DeMarini’s CF, Easton’s Ghost, Marucci’s Echo Connect, and Slugger’s LXT.

Previous Bats

There are no previous versions of the Whisper. 2023 is its first iteration.


The 2023 DeMarini Whisper is a new double-barreled bat (like the Ghost) with a loud sound. The connection piece, called the Anomaly Connection, is a bit stiffer and one you’ll find on a bat like the ZOA in baseball. It is a bit stiffer than a bat like the Prism.

It’s most unique feature is the dual wall construction. The idea is the outside barrel has a lot of trampoline for the smaller player. But, when you hit the ball harder and compress the barrel, the inner barrel keeps it from exceeding the standard.