2023 DeMarini Prism+ Fastpitch Reviews

For 2023, DeMarini releases a 5th iteration of the Prism fastpitch line. The bat hasn’t changed much from its release as a D-Lab bat for 2019.  The bat is a light swing and made for that hitter who wants as much barrel per swing weight as possible. It’s now second fiddle to DeMarini’s new Whisper bat, but we think this is just as good and $50 less.

2023 Prism+ Models

Models Overview

We’ve tested so many fastpitch bats since 2018 and we find DeMarini’s 2023 Prism+ among the best. It only comes in two sizes (the drop 11 and 10) and we’d really like to see them expand the line before they move on to the 2023 Whisper series. But, since it’s such a light swing, it seems the drop 8 and 9 will never be in its future. In any case, these are great bats that get great reviews and smaller hitters absolutely love it.

General Recommendations

Smaller hitters who want as much plate coverage as possible and an ultra-flexible feel should really like the Prism. It doesn’t swing as heavy as a bat like the Easton Ghost nor is it as stiff as a bat like the LXT (which is pretty flexible). The Prism’s most unique feature, we believe, is the flexible connection piece. Every hit really does feel good–even off the end cap. If you can barrel it up, expect to hit it well.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Louisville Sluggers 2023 LXT is a reasonable comparison in terms of construction. Our sense is DeMarini was trying to recreate the success of the LXT with the Prism. But, no doubt, the market has more than a few excellent two-piece composite bats for the fastpitch world.

Previous Bats

Compared to the 2022 version of the Prism, there are no changes in the bat at all other than the paint job. It uses its “Gapped Wall Barrell” with a “Paraflex Composite,” and a “Reaction” end cap—just like the 2022 version.


The DeMarini Prism for 2023 comes in a drop 11 or 10, has a balanced feel, and is a two-piece full composite fastpitch bat. It uses a double barrel design to help pass the test but still has a big bounce with lower impact speeds. Hence, it works for younger and smaller players. It’s a light bat built for hitters that want as much bat speed as possible.