2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Review

DeMarini’s CF for 2023 is a light swinging high, smooth-feeling bat with a long barrel and flexible connection piece. Compared to the 2022 version, the 2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch bat is all the same. And that’s a good thing because the 2022 version was great.

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2023 CF Models

Models Overview

The best CF of the bunch is the drop 11. It has the most sizing, swings ultra-light, and feels great. However, not all players want or need a drop 11. We like the Drop 10 in the CF too, so if you want a little more weight then it’s a great pick. The drop 8 and 9 in the CF use different handles to create more stiffness—with drop 8 being the stiffest. It, and the drop 9, are built for power hitters who can swing.

General Recommendations

For hitters seeking the most barrel for their swing, the DeMarini CF Fastpitch bat for 2023 is a solid choice. With its lightweight design, the drop 11 option is more suitable than the drop 10, particularly for those who are undecided. However, larger hitters may prefer bats such as the Easton Ghost or an older Slugger Xeno that have a stiffer connection and less load in the hands. The drop 8 and 9 have been changed with stiffer handles from previous years (2022 and before), but the drop 10 and 11 are the same. As such, if you can find the older drop 10/11 for discounts you’re missing out on nothing but the paint job.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

The most popular balanced drop 10 fastpitch bat is Easton Ghost Unlimited. As far as we see it, that is the bat the CF is trying to compete with. Both are long-barrelled two-piece composite bats with a balanced swing and relatively flexible connection. Other than the Ghost, bats like the Rawlings Mantra, Slugger LXT, and DeMarini PRISM+ compete well with the CF in their swing weight, barrel profile, and prices.

Previous Bats

The drop 8 and drop 9 have different handles from each other as well as the drop 10 and 11. It allows for a stiffer feel which bigger hitters tend to like. That is a change from the 2022 version of the DeMarini CF.

The drop 10 is the same save the paint job. And, best we can tell, DeMarini never released a 2022 drop 11 at all. So, there’s that. But it’s not any different than the 2021 DeMarini CF.


The 2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch bat is a two-piece composite bat. Both the drop 10 and 11 use what DeMarini calls a Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, 3Fusion Connection, and ReAction end cap. (Apparently, the real trick here is finding when to use upper and lower cases. We kid.) Relative to the industry, the bat’s makeup is very common. Long sweet spots on light swinging two-piece composite fastpitch bats are commonplace. The most differentiating feature of the CF Fastpitch bat is the flexible connection. We found it to be looser than the LXT and about the same as the PRISM.

Our Parting Pitch

Our Marketing Write Up:

In the past decade, the CF series has become a top-ranked bat for many elite travel and college softball players, and for good reason. Featuring a two-piece composite design, the CF boasts unparalleled power and responsiveness, thanks to its Paraflex Composite barrel. To reduce vibrations and enable effortless energy transfer during swings, DeMarini has incorporated their Type V Connection piece to join the barrel to a stiff composite handle. Additionally, the bat comes with a Tracer End Cap to enhance bat speeds and performance. The 2023 DeMarini CF has a balanced feel and a drop 10 and 11 length-to-weight ratio, making it an excellent fit for contact, slapper, and power hitters alike. The drop 8 and 9 are made for serious hitters who like a tight connection and endloaded feel.

The 2023 DeMarini CF (-11) Fastpitch Bat offers young travel ball and high school players the opportunity to perfect their swings and establish their legacy. This signature bat returns with its renowned Paraflex® Plus Composite Barrel, known for its consistent responsiveness and elite performance. The CF (-11) features a lighter swing weight, making it ideal for younger players. The Type-V Connection System matches a composite barrel with a Paraflex® Plus Composite Handle, providing the perfect combination of dampening vibration on mis-hits while offering the responsiveness necessary for hitters to hone their swings.

DeMarini has also introduced an all-new connection called the Type V™ CF Connection starting in 2022, which further improves barrel performance and responsiveness while delivering energy transfer directly into the barrel instead of the player’s hands. The bat’s lightweight Tracer End Cap is composed of composite materials that enhance bat speed while maintaining powerful barrel performance. The bat’s 0.800” Handle is designed to dampen vibrations and offers a solid feel, ensuring maximum comfort and grip for players during their swings. With the 2023 DeMarini CF (-11) Fastpitch Bat, players can harness their swing, achieve consistency, and create their own legacy.