2021 Rawlings Mantra Review

The 2021 Rawlings Mantra is a two-piece composite bat with a big barrel and light swing. It is Rawling’s latest and greatest and replaces the Quatro in its line of top-shelf fastpitch bats. The biggest change is the slot in the knob which fits the Diamond Kinetics Blast motion sensor. The $399 new in wrapper price makes it the highest-priced Rawlings fastpitch bat ever.

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2021 Mantra Models

Models Overview

Our hitters like the big barrel, great feel and sound on the Rawlings Mantra. The drop 10 is a good a fit for the top of the order on a high school team or the 3/4 spot on a smaller travel team. Big hitters might like something with a little more oomph like the Easton Ghost, but the drop 9 in a longer size packs enough of a punch to make due. Players liked the smooth feel and the slot for the diamond kinetics sensor.

General Recommendations

The fastpitch bat space is ridiculously competitive. It is very difficult to tell any functional difference between the different brands and models as most are lighter swinging, big-barreled two-piece composite bats with a moderately flexible connecting piece. That said, the unique feature on the Rawlings Mantra is the slot for the DK sensor–if you want/need that then it’s a great pick. Otherwise, the LXT at $20 less is attractive. Still, though, if you don’t want the LXT and don’t want the heavy and short lived swing of the Eaton Ghost, then the Rawlings Mantra looks better than all of them.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

We think the most comparable bat to the 2021 Rawlings Mantra is the 2021 DeMarini Prism. Both have the same price point, drops, and come with the premium idea that the companies have figured a way to be better than the Quatro Pro and LXT respectively. The Mantra represents the new generation of fastpitch bats meant to push the boundaries of what we can imagine is possible with a fastpitch bat.

Previous Bats

2021 is the first year of the Mantra. There is no bat to compare it to. That said, the 2021 Mantra has been changed from the 2020 Rawlings Quatro in many ways. Basically, everything is redesigned. There is a new end cap, new barrel construction, new connecting piece, and handle.


Like most high end fastpitch bats, at its core the 2021 Rawilngs Mantra is a two piece composite bat with a light swing and a big barrel. Specific to the Mantra is the first fastpich knob built for a DK attachment. The barrel is redesigned over the Quatro to use a “mutli-step” inner barre instead of the floating inner barrel which was on the Quatro. Lizard skin grips are new, the end cap is new and the connection piece has been redesigned.