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2021 Louisivlle Slugger RXT Fastpitch Bat Review

The 2021 Slugger RXT is a two piece composite bat with a heavier swing. Originally, we surmise, the RXT line was supposed to replace the Xeno line. It had a stiffer feel and a heavier swing. Since, however, that hasn’t seemed to come to pass. The XENO is still more popular than the RXT and Slugger has all but given up on the RXT as the 2021 was it’s last version. Still, though, the bat is reasonable and a good hit for the stronger hitter who wants a stiffer feeling two piece.

2021 RXT Models

Models Overview

Generally, bigger hitters who want a two-piece composite bat and something from the used market can take some hacks with the RXT. It was used often at the NCAA 2023 CWS and, as a result, got some good publicity for a bat that’s line was discontinued in late 2021. Slugger may come back with it at some point, but with the success of the LXT, Xeno and Meta, we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

General Recommendations

Regarding recommending the 2020 Louisville Slugger RXT, it should work well for the serious fastpitch player who wants more stiffness in their balanced swinging bat—but not necessarily the same stiffness as a Slugger Xeno. Although many like the smooth smash afforded by the softer connection of a bat like the Slugger LXT, the 2021 Slugger RXT gives more power transfer to the ball at the direct expense of feeling it in your hands more.

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Comparable Bats

Several two-piece composite bats with a balanced swing weight are available in the 2020 fastpitch market. Some notable options include DeMarini’s CF, Rawlings Quatro Pro, Mizuno’s PWR Carbon, and Slugger’s LXT and XENO. The Easton Ghost Double Barrel is another bat with a two-piece composite design, but it swings heavier than the RXT. If we had to choose a comparable bat, we would lean toward DeMarini’s CF. The RXT and CF have a ring-free design and a balanced swing weight. However, it’s worth noting that the CF’s connection piece provides a more forgiving feel than the RXT.

Previous Bats

The 2021 RXT is the same as the 2020 RXT but with a slightly different paint job.


The 2022 RXT features a barrel with Responsive Composite Design and patented HVR-1 Technology, providing a responsive (read flexible) barrel with good pop. It has a two-piece construction with a “SPRINGLOAD” Connection System, giving a smooth feel on contact. The bat has a balanced swing weight, offering control and maximizing swing speed. The COPA performance end cap works in conjunction with the barrel to maximize the sweet spot. It comes with a new Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip that offers increased tack and cushion for a better feel and improved control.