2021 DeMarini Prism Fastpitch Reviews

For 2021, releases a 3rd iteration of the new Prism fastpitch line. The bat hasn’t changed much from its release as a D-Lab bat for 2019. It is still a big barrel, light swing, flexible feel, and a high-end performance fastpitch bat. They have added some sizing options for 2021, and it competes for head to head with its sister bat, the CF, and bats like Easton’s Ghost Advanced and Louisville Slugger’s LXT and META.

2019 Prism Video

2021 Prism Models

Models Overview

We’ve tested this and every 2021 Fastpitch bat on the market today with several different hitters. The Prism bat is highly recommendable. The double-barrel sounds great, has no hand sting on hits and mishits, and appears to have a massive sweet spot. If budget isn’t much of an issue it comes highly recommendable. In terms of overall feel, we think the best on the market. Other stiffer bats tended to perform better, but bigger hitters could drill the ball. We recommend the 2021 Prism for almost any drop 10/11 hitters looking for a real balanced swing and is very serious about fastpitch.

General Recommendations

The bat is more expensive than most upper-end fastpitch bats. At $399 retail, it’s hard to get yourself to pass up the best fastpitch bats, which are, at most, at least $50 less.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Louisville Sluggers 2021 LXT is a reasonable comparison in terms of construction. Our sense is DeMarini was trying to recreate the success of the LXT with the Prism. But, no doubt, the market has more than a few excellent two-piece composite bats for the fastpitch world.

Previous Bats

The 2020 DeMarini Prism is the second year of the bat. There have not been any changes worth mentioning from the 2020 to 2021.


The DeMarini Prism for 2021 comes in a drop 11 or 10, has a balanced feel, and is a two-piece full composite fastpitch bat. It uses a double barrel design to help pass the test but still has a big bounce with lower impact speeds. Hence, it works for younger and smaller players. It’s a light bat built for hitters that want as much bat speed as possible.