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2019 Mizuno Power Carbon Review

After hitting every fastpitch bat over the last several years it is hard to be blown away by a bat.

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But, the Mizuno Power Carbon was easily the most underrated fastpitch bat in 2019. It ranks among our favorite fastpitch bats, swings right where we want it to, and recorded some of the best exit speeds we could generate.

Mizuno, not necessarily known for their fastpitch bats, hit a laser with this one. We expected very little. But, ultimately thought the Power Carbon one of the, if not THE, best fastpitch bat in 2019. Users and hitters around the country agree.

General Recommendations

We think the vast majority of serious fastpitch players will really like the Mizuno Power Carbon. It swings smooth, has an average swing weight and really drives the ball.

The only type of players that might not appreciate it is those who like very light swinging bats and those who don’t play enough where an expensive bat is worth it. Otherwise, if you are in the market for a serious fastpitch bat that performs as well, if not better, than anything we’ve hit to date, put the 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon on your very short list.

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Comparable Bats

2019 Mizuno Carbon Power Review

There are several legit two piece composite fastpitch bats. In terms of a similar swing weight and feel on contact the most comparable bat, we think, is DeMarini’s CF Insane. Both have very similar swing weights, barrel sizes and price points.

Our hitters preferred the feel on the Mizuno Power Carbon more than the CF Insane, but you’ll find plenty in the market who feel the opposite.

See our fastpitch 2019 CF Insane review.


In the same size, the bat swings 5% heavier than an ultra light swinging bat like the LXT from Slugger. But, the Power Carbon still swings considerably lighter than a bat like the Ghost Double Barrel or Slugger PXT. If you like the balance of the CF Insane or Louisville Slugger XENO then expect to feel right at home with the 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon.