2020 DeMarini Prism Fastpitch Reviews

For 2020, DeMarini has released the Prism out of its D-Labs and into the broader market. They also added a drop 11 to its very popular drop 10 status. For the drop 10, it is the same bat as the 2019 version. For 2019 it had a limited release. No matter what you call it, the Prism is the same double barreled light swing with a massive sweet spot, fantastic feel and a balanced swing. See DeMarini’s D-Labs where the Prism was born. In its original release, due to unexpected demand, the Prism was hard to find in stock. These days its pretty available at just about every major, serious outlet.

2019 Prism Video

2020 Prism Models

Models Overview

We’ve tested this bat, and every 2020 Fastpitch bat on the market today, with several different hitters.

The Prism bat is highly recommendable. The double-barrel sounds great feels great on hits and mishits, and appears to have a massive sweet spot. If budget isn’t much of an issue it comes highly recommendable. In terms of overall feel, we think the best on the market. Other stiffer bats tended to perform a bit better but that was with bigger hitters that could drill the ball. We recommend the 2020 Prism for almost any drop 10 hitters looking for a real balanced swing and is very serious about fastpitch.

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General Recommendations

The bat is more expensive than most upper-end fastpitch bats. At $399 retail it’s hard to get yourself to pass up the best fastpitch bats which are, at most, at least $50 less.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

In terms of construction, Easton’s 2018 Ghost Double Barrel is a reasonable comparison. Both bats are two piece composites and built with a double wall barrel. However, the Ghost Double Barrel swings considerably heavier than the DeMarin Prism. Expect a swing that is 10% heavier with the Ghost.

In terms of balance, look for the Slugger LXT. The LXT has a sort of modified double barrel in a floating ring they use within the barrel of the bat. The principle behind the ring is similar to that of the dual walls in the Prism. That is, it expands the sweet spot, increases performance at slower pitch speeds and improves durability all within the allowable standard. As well, the LXT is also a two piece composite bat. It is a reasonable comparison to the Prism.

Previous Bats

The 2019 DeMarini Prism is the first year of the bat. There is no previous year 2018 model to compare it to.