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2018 Louisville Slugger XENO Fastpitch Review

The Xeno from Slugger is as good as it gets in the fastpitch space.

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Our hitters liked the stiffer feel, the sound and general sense that every ball they hit was like a bat out of hades. The stiffness in the handle felt great for long drives. We didn’t find a single hitter, of the 4 that tried it, that had anything bad to say. There is a reason this bat has made our best fastpitch bats article for a few years running now.

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Comparable Bats

In the fastpitch space there are plenty of decent options. A few good ones. For 2018 the LXT from Slugger as well as Easton’s Ghost X Double barrel. You might also take a closer look at the CFX in Fastpitch although those sound a bit different.

Previous Bats

The biggest change from 2017 to 2018 is the end cap. Slugger upgraded the cap to take a little more weight out of the bat. But, honestly, the Xeno has been fantastic since 2015 and there really isn’t much they could, or should, do to make it better.


The Xeno is a two piece composite bat built with a stiff transition and a good sized barrel. Expect to feel great hits out of the box.

The new addition this year is the end cap. It helps lower the swing weight a bit on each model.