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2017 Easton Stealth Flex Fastpitch Review

We spoke to a number of hitters, and read several user reviews, on the 2017 Easton Stealth Flex fastpitch bat.

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Overall, the ratings are generally positive. Hitters like the immediate pop out of the wrapper and the good feel. There have a been a few durability complaints but only with bigger (older hitters) Sub 15U hitters like the balance too. And their parents can’t complain about the price. It is, truly, a smooth swinging two piece composite bat for a more reasonable price.

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Comparable Bats

A less expensive two piece composite in the fastpitch space can be found in the Axe Avenge Lit as well as the DeMarini Vendetta. These are both big barrels and swing light. The Easton Flex comes in more size and drop options.


The Easton Stealth Flex uses the same material in most high end baseball bats Easton makes. They refer to it as TCT (Thermo Composite Technology). As well, they use the same CXN connective piece found on most of their high end bats. This helps remove sting on mishits.

In other words, the Easton Flex is made a lot like the high end bats in the baseball space that price out several hundred dollars more expensive.